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• 11m

Meme Post (#UTDMP)

Riordanverse memes go here :)

*prays that it's time for a new one and I didn't just screw up*

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• 3h

Who's your favourite?

  • Leo
  • Percy
  • Frank
  • Hazel
  • Annabeth
  • Piper
  • Jason
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• 3h

Quote of the Day 467

"Don't just stand there!" Hondo barked. "Answer it!"

-Hondo in TSR

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• 4h

ADHD dyslexia

anybody here thinks they have dyslexia or ADHD

I have ADHD in class
dyslexia in exams
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• 5h

Which is the best ship

  • Solangelo
  • Percabeth
  • Jasper
  • Frazel
  • Caleo
  • Octachel
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• 6h

Which mythology do you like?

  • Greek
  • Roman
  • Norse
  • Egyptian
  • Hindu
  • Mayan
  • Korean
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• 8h

Nico needed this

Solace,,, Nico needed it ..... I mean solace means comfort right ? After everything taking shiznit from every one and his emotions after Bianca . Rick is a genius to I mean "solace de angelo" "comfort the angel" brings tears to my eyes
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• 9h

What would you do

if you see demigods fighting some sort of creature in front you?
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• 12h

Bob Eulogies Winner!

The winner of this was Walker16170!!!! Congrats on a great eulogy that honored and respected Bob as the true hero he was! This eulogy made me cry a lot. T^T *sniff* Here is the eulogy...

A villain has a connotation that is negative, and typically viewed as someone who is trying to take over the world for their sick, cruel pleasures. 

Whereas, aren’t we all the villains? 

A villain is a person who only has a different perception than the vast majority of the population that they are trying to improve. 

Kronos saw the world under the rule of the gods as too modernized and unfit, and thus took action to improve the world. He simply had a different mentality of the current traits of the world, and tried to fix it as he saw fit. 

The gods saw Kronos’ rule as king as tribal and chaotic, a world that just simply couldn’t be. So they took over. 

The reason that they were successful was only due to the fact that they had a better strategy to win the war and more luck. 

Gaea saw both Kronos and Zeus as unfit rulers, and thus tried to make her world the prominent one and rein over her subjects. 

The problem is, that none of the parties mentioned are truly correct in their ways of ruling.

They couldn’t be. 7.5 billion people in this world, and hope to satisfy them all? Impossible.

Iaeptus thought that he had decided who he thought to he truly correct in their ways of ruling. 

The Titans, obviously. 

Then, he had gotten his memory wiped and had been given a false identity and false beliefs, and forced to work as a janitor in the Underworld, not fighting for his cause. 

And again, this had all happened because Percy Jackson believed that the gods were fighting for the right cause, and wasn’t hesitant to do anything that he could to make sure that they prevailed.

Nonetheless, Bob has blindly jumped into Tartarus, only to help Percy, whom had wiped his memory and taken away everything that he believed in. 

Given, Bob had no memory of this, however, even when he was beginning to regain his memories of his previous Titan life, he continued to help Percy and fight with him and Annabeth for their lives in Tartarus.

He jumped into Tartarus, fought demons and monsters effortlessly, requested Damasen’s help when he knew that he couldn’t help Percy and Annabeth alone, and sacrificed his life so that Percy and Annabeth could see the sun and the stars again, together. 

He lost everything to help his friends. 

He even lost his life. 

So, in conclusion, no one is a villain. Only a soldier for their own beliefs. 

Bob was unsure of what cause to fight for, and was even unsure of his own identity. 

But he finally chose his side in the end- his friends’ side. 

He lost everything that he could’ve had to help the people that he loved.

And , can you ever call that a villain?

Great job to all the contestants! They all were great, thanks for showing your love for Bob!

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• 13h

Realistic Godly Parent

In relistic terms, would you have a csance of being a demigod and if so, who would you parent be?

I know this question is confusing so heare is my example:

I would have a chance of being a secnd generation demigod. I have ADD and am partly Dyslexic so that would grant me the possibiliy, also I never knew my grandpa and neither did my mom, so technically, he could be a god. He would probably be Hermes because both me and my mom are very small and wiry but fast and also my mom knows how to pick locks like crazy, though she has never stolen (from my knoledge) so don't sue me!

Have fun and be prepared to stretch the truth!!

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• 14h

If The Seven plus Nico all had jobs, what do you think they would be? Here are my predictions.

Percy- Youtuber/Streamer or Aquarium employee
Annabeth- Architect
Jason- Office job
Piper- Artist/Writer
Frank- Owns his own fruit stand but gets hella money because he owns it
Hazel- Horse Trainer
Leo- Menchanic
Nico- I feel like Nico wouldn’t have a job, I dont know it just doesn’t seem like him to have a job. Maybe he would train kids at camp
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• 16h

For Valentine’s Day, I’m making a contest

You have to write a paragraph or so maybe longer if you want in dedication to your OTP. I’m going to write one, but it will not be counted towards the final results of this contest. Good luck writing!!!
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• 17h

If u could choose any of the Greek god or goddess to be your parent

Who would it be and why? Mine would be Athena Or poseidon because they're both awesome
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• 22h
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• 23h
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• 1d
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• 1d

Pegasus or unicorn

I like Pegasus more
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• 1d

Quote of the Day 466

I did the only thing I could think of.

I slammed the door in her face.

-Zane in TSR

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• 1d

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥️

As a little tribute to the day of love, let’s talk about it. Post your OTP below. Feel free to explain why you love them.
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• 1d

Reyna x Apollo?!

Remember back somewhere in the Heroes of Olympus series, where Aphrodite told Reyna that no “Demigod will capture her heart”? Well Apollo isn’t a demigod ;)

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