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Łizhin (pronounced CLEH-Zhin) is the herald of Dibé Nitsaa, the northern most mountain of Dinétah, the traditional Navajo homeland.

Race to the Sun

Łizhin flies to Sisnaajiní to take Nizhoni Begay to Dibé Ntsaa to find it’s guardian Jet Girl and defend the mountain after she goes missing. After Mr. Yazzie desires spiting up is the best option, she calls the heralds of the other mountains to take Mac Begay and Davery Descheny to find the turquoise and abalone shell respectively on the other mountains. After the others leave she reassures Nizhoni that she is ready for her quest and to think of herself as herself rather then a hero. As they approach the mountain strong winds keep them from landing but she succeeds. She then leaves the girl to find Black Jet Girl alone as her presence attracts monsters. She gives Nizhoni one of her feathers and tells her she will be back by sundown, and that if she has not found Black Jet Girl by then, it will be to late.

The following morning she and Black Jet Girl talk as Nizhoni sleeps. When the girl awakens she gives flies her to Canyon de Chelly and, when they are out of sight of the mountain, tells Nixhoni their has been an accident. When they arrive Mac explains how he lost the turquoise when he saved Mr. Yazzie. After Nizhoni offers her necklace to replace it they head to Spider Woman.

A day later she and Black Jet girl fly to the House of the Sun with the other guardians and heralds to tell them the monsters have escaped. She flies Nizhoni and Black Jet girl to Shiprock. When they arrive she and finishes off the Bináá yee agháni as Nizhoni blinds them. When Mac is knocked of Dólii she goes to save him, but is injured by one of the buzzards. Fortunately Mac is saved by Spider Woman, but Mr. Charles arrives and goes for the boy as his bodyguards keep them away. She wishes Nizhoni luck as the girl jumps off her back.


Łizhin is a large black bird big enough to carry an adolescent child on her back.

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