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9 from the Nine Worlds is a collection of nine short stories, with each story focusing on and being narrated by a different character from the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard trilogy in each of the Nine Worlds.


The book was announced via Twitter on February 8th, 2018.



Do you get all these “heims“ mixed up? Well, this collection of rollicking short stories- each set in a different world and told by a different character from the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series- will help straighten you out. And even if it doesn’t, you’ll enjoy reading about how Alex saves Amir’s pants, Samirah plucks a giant’s harp, Mallory teaches a dragon how to throw down insults, and much more. Just watch out for Thor, who is running through the thing and raising quite a stink.


Just Another Decapitated Head


Odin arrived at Hotel Valhalla one day to find the Valkyries having a food fight. Ever since Gunilla died, they've all been feisty. Odin had Hunding tell the Thanes to bring candidates for a new captain to the Thing Room in a hour. He went to his throne, Hlidskjalf, and viewed the Nine Worlds. He saw Heimdall on the Bifrost bridge making a Snapchat story with Thor's goats, Otis and Marvin. Odin ordered him to stop that in case a Jotunn arrived, he also saw Thor getting ready to jog around the Nine Worlds so he can make a cameo on his favorite Midgard show. Before he could argue further, a messenger raven arrived saying that the thane room was ready for the meeting.

Freydis, daughter Erik the Red, has had years unkind to her. Kara, girlfriend of Helgi, was clumsy and incessantly giggled. Boudica, the fearsome queen of the Celts, was over the top. But the worst of them all was Hladgunnr, daughter of Hel, Odin banished her for causing so many pranks. But she suddenly shapeshifted into an eagle, she is actually Utgard-Loki. The real Hladgunnr came to him so he can embarrass Odin. Odin threw his never-missing spear, Gungnir, at the giant but actually misses, Utgard-Loki was somehow teleporting. Odin wants Hunding to find a way to track Thor's FitnessKnut, have squads of einherjar launch surprise attacks on the Bifrost, and inform the Thanes that he will be unavailable for a while. He's going to live with the Valkyries to decide his next captain, and he also wanted Heimdall's goat video on his phablet.

This Is Why I Hate Clothes Shopping

Amir Fadlan.

Amir Fadlan's fancy clothes are not liked by his fiancée, Samirah al-Abbas. It was Jid and Bibi's wedding anniversary, Abdel Fadlan tries to reassure his son but he decides to go to Blitzen's shop with Sam anyway. But when Amir goes to his room change he thought he saw someone, but it was just a pigeon. Sam has to leave for something with Odin but she'll be back. He walked to Blitzen’s Best and sees Thor along the way.

At Blitzen's Best, a man named Stan informs Amir that Blitz went home to get more supplies. He decided to give Amir a pair of light tan leather pants, in the pocket is an endless supply of coins powered by a "dark magic" spell on a piece of paper. Stan revealed that he is wearing the Nábrók, pants made from the skin of dead people, Stan's ancestors made them from Amir's! Alex Fierro entered the store, after a conversation with Stan about the store closing now, she called Sam telling her to bring something. After Alex leaves, Stan tells Amir he is now his pet. He tried to attack but failed, luckily Sam arrived with a "light magic" spear. She stabs the scroll containing the money spell causing it to vanish, allowing her and Alex to slice the pants off of Amir. He decides to take all the coins to the Chase Space for a donation.[1]

This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine


Blitzen was gathering supplies from his apartment in Nidavellir, but after that he was chased by Eitri Junior in a wheelchair, he was still mad that he beat him in that crafting contest. After he crashed, Blitz escaped into the alleys and ended up in a tavern. The bartender wanted him to play Pachinko, get a drink, or leave. But a crony of Junior's came in, stopped Blitz from playing, and took him in the back. Inside, Mimir revealed that he sabotaged Junior's wheelchair so he could meet with Blitz. He explained that a dwarf named Alviss is planning to kill Thor during his jog as revenge for his refusal to marry his daughter, Thrud. Mimir told Blitz to stop Alviss without letting Thor know he's in danger, or else he'll zap all the dwarves.

After returning to his apartment, Blitzen notices on Mimir's map that Alviss is planning to strike at the cliff he and Hearth once fell into right before they ended up bound in service to Mimir. He decides to petrify him while Thor passes as any maiming would get Blitz more enemies. He had one of his Expand-o-Ducks and Hearth's tanning bed for when the elf visits, so he got the idea of making a smaller bed that will shoot a powerful concentrated beam of sunlight when opened. It took him forty-five minutes, Alviss was on a stalactite with a club bigger than he was. When he jumped, Blitz ran for it, Thor didn't notice them despite being in contact. Blitz petrifies Alviss, the latter throws himself off the cliff and into the water to cure him. Junior arrives with his friends, but the sun beam had to be recharged and the petrification wasn't as dramatic. Blitz put the mini bed on the ground and jumped off the cliff and into the river.

Speaking of Trolls...


Hearthstone was showing T.J. Rune Stones as another way of communicating with the Einherjar, he was currently swearing much to T.J.'s delight. A gold bracelet on the elf's wrist twinkles, it was a gift from Inge for releasing her from his family. It meant that she needs help, so Hearth quickly went to Yggdrasil and into Alfheim.

Inge was not far by his abandoned home, he cut across the park toward the wealthiest neighborhood when the bracelet's lights began pulsing faster. She was inside a large mansion, but suddenly Wildflower and Sunspot spotted him, they were now private security guards. Hearth just walked past them and turned the iron gates into a liquid. Suddenly, the two summoned a hideous troll and it began charging at him, Hearth used an algiz rune to protect himself. He tried more runes but every one only slowed it down, so he hid in a rosebush. Upon remembering his father, Hearth decided to find out the troll's real name by making him brag about himself. The troll managed to grab his rune bag resulting in Hearth acting all powerless, it was there that the troll decided to gain his trust and then kill him. He reveals his named to be Siersgrunnr (Cheesebutt) the Magnificent, Hearthstone used the dagaz rune he had to announce Siersgrunnr's name out loud then use the tiwaz rune to transform a rose into a club to knock out the troll, Wildflower and Sunspot flee.

At the mansion, Inge gets shoved out but is very satisfied to see Hearthstone again. Suddenly, Thor appears on his jog and has a really quick conversation with the elf. Hearth actually decided to stay in Alfheim a little longer.

My Eighth-Grade Physics Actually Comes in Handy

Samirah al-Abbas

Samirah al-Abbas was in Odin's office, he had a job for her as she was his Valkyrie in charge of special assignments. He showed her a red egg in a nest, then his powerpoint presentation of Ragnarök. He skipped to the part where three roosters will crow: Gullinkambi in Asgard, Fialar in Jotunheim, and Nameless (Odin named it that since it has no name) in Helheim. Gullinkambi and Nameless are confirmed to be currently in their egg form, but Fialar's egg was blocked by the giant's distortion magic. Odin wants Sam to take a new photo of the egg to see if it is beginning to hatch.

Samirah arrives at Jotunheim on her horse of mist, she saw the ruins of Geirrod's house. The nest was quite big, something in the forest of Gallows-wood scared the horse into going back. It was Eggther, the giant protector of Fialar's egg, he sat on the egg and sings about someone who approaches. Sam could either go back to Odin and say she failed, ask Eggther for his picture with the egg, or fight him. The giant began to sleep, she decided to steal his harp so he would chase after just like Jack and the Beanstalk. She used a vine to pull remembering eighth-grade physics, but Thor suddenly appears and caused the tree rope was tied to to come out of the ground, this caused the harp to roll down the hill. It made an alarm that woke up Eggther who gave chase. Sam saw that Fialar's egg had no cracks at all, so it wasn't hatching anytime soon. Despite knowing that Ragnarok will come when it does hatch, Samirah takes a picture.

Nice Doggy

Thomas Jefferson Jr.

Thomas Jefferson Jr. was eating Santarpio’s pizza in the lounge, Mallory Keen takes the rest to Halfborn Gunderson. Suddenly, he began to fall asleep, but he felt like he was transported to another world. He sees Thor running with the rope, harp, and tree still on his feet. A really large dog covered in blood appears, T.J. realizes that it is Garm. Hel takes him to the halls of Hel and confirms the Ragnarok killer of Tyr, his father. She reveals that this is a vision and has two demons bring out his ghostly mother, Hel says she has a job for T.J., if he does not do it then his mother will suffer.

T.J. wakes up and has Alex Fierro take him to Yggdrasil, he encounters Ratatosk whose insults help bring him to Helheim. Hel reveals that Garm has run off, as a son of Tyr he is the only one who can find him, Garm can be very elusive as Hel's magic and the demons have failed. He must lure him back to his cave or else Hel will torture his mother.

Helheim is filled with ghosts attracted to T.J., one who won't leave him alone is actually Balder! He always admired Tyr for letting Odin and Thor have his position as the chief god of war and not throw things at him. He still has the mistletoe arrow that killed him in his chest, T.J. recalls how a hound dog near his old regiment ate that plant. Alas, Balder cannot help him find Garm, but T.J. actually takes the arrow when Garm appears. He used his rifle to shoot the arrow in the dog's mouth, Garm started act more like a cuddly puppy. Then, T.J. lures him back to his gave. Hel transports T.J. back to Hotel Valhalla after Balder got his arrow back, she says his mother is safe and may even grant him permission to visit her from time to time. T.J. is glad, he has one more favor for Hel: to go to Helheim.

So's Your Face!

Mallory Keen

Mallory Keen was upset that Halfborn Gunderson was going to Vanaheim to get dragon scales for a project. She ate a slice of the pizza T.J. was eating, slammed the rest on Halfborn's chest, and stormed off. She carelessly walked into Niflheim, but fortunately had a parka from Blitzen that was infused with kenaz (fire) magic, courtesy of Hearthstone. The door to Hotel Valhalla was replaced by a glacier, Thor ran past her but he was too busy jogging to help her. Mallory tried to follow him but he was too fast and was creating a fog, but it was warm fog. She is suddenly at Hvergelmir, the hot spring surrounding the roots of Yggdrasil, she can climb the branches to get back to Asgard! But first she has to make it across the boiling water to get to the roots.

She saw an undulating root with humidity and green moss, so she decided to climb. But after looking closer and hearing a chewing sound, Mallory realized that it was actually the tail of Nidhogg, the dragon that lives at the World Tree’s base! He's busy thinking of a new insult for the eagle that lives on top, Mallory decides to help him with that. She insults him, then she tells him of the four classic retorts, Nidhogg tests them out on Mallory. As soon he got the hang of it, she was enjoying herself, even though Nidhogg invites her for dinner, he allows Mallory to climb on his coils and get back to Asgard. When she gets back, Halfborn starts insulting her allowing her to retort.

Well, That was Surprising

Halfborn Gunderson

Halfborn Gunderson opened his door for Alex Fierro, he got rid of Mallory Keen so he and Alex can work on a mosaic for her. Halfborn needs the red, yellow, and orange scales of Vanir dragons for battlefield flames, blood, and gore, this depicts his and Mallory's first battle together. The anniversary is next week and he's behind on schedule, so he tells Alex to make sure Mallory doesn't get in and leaves for Vanaheim with an ax and a shield.

Halfborn hated the place due to all the peace, butterflies, and chai. Some girls want him to relax but he really needs to get to Sessrumnir. When he arrives, Miles is there instead of Freya, he says he just needs to sneak up on the dragons since they are heavy sleepers. He can find them in the light of Freya and Miles decides to take him there, Halfborn doesn't really want that, especially when Miles begins to talk about flowers. They made it to a canyon containing four dragons fast asleep and glowing in the sun. After first Halfborn saw this as a piece of cake, but then Thor came running by and woke all four up causing them to fly up. However, they do not attack Miles as the honored dead of Folkvanger are spared. Halfborn was glad that he gets to fight the dragons, he killed them even though they were tough. Halfborn tells a girl from earlier that dragons will be reborn in Ginnungagap, unlike him since this is not Valhalla, he gets the scales to finish his mosaic.

I Play with Fire

Alex Fierro

Alex Fierro leaves Mallory Keen and Halfborn Gunderson to go back to his room, he misses Magnus Chase who is currently visiting his cousin, Annabeth, but was told to leave Jack behind with Alex. Now she was identifying herself as a female, unlike a minute ago and when he was at Blitzen's Best. While she started working on a lamp for Halfborn, Jack warns her about rumors from other weapons regarding a nefarious plot by Surt! He doesn't want to go with Alex, she understands about what happened last time with Magnus. But she has to do this alone, for Surt can detect einherjar, elves, dwarves and Valkyries. She has to use her shapeshifting powers and gender fluidity.

As an ant, Alex takes the elevator to Muspellheim using an invisible membrane made from a kiln, a handful of fibers with her signature Urnes symbol, and an algiz stone. She was right in the middle of Surt's palace, she turns into a housefly and found the Black One in a large meeting room with immortals. He was still growing his nose back after it was sliced off by Magnus, he doesn't like how the gods don't seem to focus on what happens after Ragnarok, where a new world without disasters will emerge. So he offers the immortals a chance to rule that world if they help him at Ragnarok. Surt spots Alex, but the other gods witness Thor running outside despite his feet hurting from the lava.

Alex changes into a flea and Surt resumes the meeting to has each god state their worthiness. Holler, god of disease, destruction, and disaster, bellows that he will cause infection then destroy things. Snotra, goddess of prudence and self-discipline, will make sure the giants attack in an orderly fashion. Forseti, the cigar-smoking god of justice, complained about Odin left him out of decision-making, he hopes that will change when the new world comes. Glum, one of Frigg's handmaidens, is tired of being in her shadow. Lofn, goddess of arranged marriages, can offer her a husband. Alex hasn't heard of any of them which made her a little sad, she needs to convince them to join their side, all Surt has is a hypnotic voice. She whispered in the gods' ears pretending to be their consciences and tells them about Surt. The Black One summons his white sword of flames to see if the gods prove themselves worthy, they are too scared. Alex stings Surt's nose as a bee and turns back to normal. Once she does that, she slices off Surt's growing nose with his own sword and beats him up in other ways, Alex then explains to the gods that this is what the einherjar can do now. The deities vanished as they don't want to die at their hands, but Alex couldn't get back to Valhalla because her garrotte was wrapped around Surt. Suddenly, Sam, Hearth, Blitz, Halfborn, T.J., and Mallory all arrive thanks to Hearth's magic. They got the word from Jack, and Blitz used a rope to tie up Surt. Alex decides to keep the flaming white sword and warn the Black One that they will be ready for him the next time he tries plotting against them.


Goal Achieved! Sort of...

Thor has completed his ten million step trek across all of the nine worlds to achieve his goal. The thunder god almost didn't make a cameo on his favorite Midgard show because of this due to all the chafing and blisters. But he had to do it all over again because Thor forgot to turn on his FitnessKnut.

Story Titles

  1. Asgard: Home of the Aesir
    Just Another Decapitated Head by Odin
  2. Midgard: Home of Humans
    This Is Why I Hate Clothes Shopping by Amir Fadlin
  3. Nidavellir: Home of the Dwarves
    This Little Light Of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine by Blitzen
  4. Alfheim: Home of the Light Elves
    Speaking Of Trolls... by Hearthstone
  5. Jotunheim: Home of the Giants
    My Eighth-Grade Physics Actually Comes in Handy by Samirah al-Abbas
  6. Helheim: Home of Hel and the Dishonorable Dead
    Nice Doggy by Thomas Jefferson Jr.
  7. Niflheim: World of Ice, Fog, and Mist
    So’s Your Face! by Mallory Keen
  8. Vanaheim: Home of the Vanir
    Well, That Was a Surprise by Halfborn Gunderson
  9. Muspellheim: Home of the Fire Giants and Demons
    I Play with Fire by Alex Fierro[2]
  10. Goal Achieved! Sort of... by Thor


Just Another Decapitated Head

This Is Why I Hate Clothes Shopping

This Little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it Shine

Speaking of Trolls...

My Eighth-Grade Physics Actually Comes in Handy

Nice Doggy

So’s Your Face!

Well, That Was a Surprise

I Play With Fire



  • This is the first book in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series where Magnus does not narrate a story. As well as the only book he had not appeared in.
    • This is also the only time the main character of a series has not appeared in at least one story in a collection of short stories.
  • Thor is the only character to appear in every story.


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