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Aaron is a man who dated Maria Santiago for a little over a month.

Paola Santiago series

Paola Santiago and the Forest of Nightmares

He meets Maria at the bar she works at and the two hit it off. He would go to the Riverside Palace Apartments under the excuse of fixing something or looking for a lost pet with Maria until she revealed the true extent of their relationship to her daughter Paola Santiago. Six weeks after meeting, the three would have an awkward dinner at Pizza Pete's. He a Pao do not talk much and the dinner ends with a teenager firing a quarter at Pao's glass, causing it to explode. He bikes back to his home as Maria and Pao walk home.

Early the following morning, Aaron arrives at the Riverside Palace Apartments and he and Maria make smoothies and decide to go on a hike. When Pao wakes up they ask her to join them but she declines. He leaves his backpack behind when he and Maria go hiking.

A few days later, Maria breaks up with him.


Aaron is a man of European decent with shaggy blonde hair.


Aaron is a man who is friendly with other. He enjoyed outdoor activities and invites others to join him.


  • He enjoys meat lovers pizza.
  • All his clothes are blue.
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