Abuelo Fierro was a Mexican-born business man, the father of Mr. Fierro and the grandfather of Alex Fierro and at least two other grandchildren.


Aubuelo Fierro was born in a suburb of Mexico City and immigration to the United States and formed a business, Fierro Ceramics, that made ceramic kit ware. He would make each piece by hand and take the time to make sure each piece was perfect.
Alex Fierro Yori Narpati

Alex Fierro, Abuelo's grandchild.

At one point he married and had at least one child, a son, who would inherit the family business and turning in a machanical run kitchen ware empire, sacrificing quality for quantity. This was something he disagreed on and the two had a falling out.

When his grandchild was born he was the only one to accept Alex for who she was and the two developed a close bond. However he died by the time Alex was fourteen.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Hammer of Thor

Alex mentioned her grandfather when telling Magnus that he was the only one to accept her gender fluidity.

The Ship of the Dead

Alex mentions him when talking about her family business and what her father has done with it.


Abuelo Fierro was a kind and hardworking man. However, he despised when people took shortcuts and chose to make a profit over the quality of the good.


Mr. Fierro

Abuelo Fierro has a strained relationship with his son. While he took time to make sure each of his works are flawless no matter how long it takes, his son sacrificed qualiity for quantity. This difference in work ethic strained their relationship.

Alex Fierro

Abuelo Fierro had a good relationship with his grandchild, accepting the child of Loki‘s genderfluidity and teaching Alex his pottery skills.


  • Fierro is spanish for “iron”.
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