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Abeulo Santiago is the father of Mr. Santiago and the paternal grandfather of Ren Santiago.


Ren Santiago, his granddaughter.

Abeulo is descendant from a line of Mexica brijos, something he takes pride in despite not being able to perform magic himself, and had at least one son and at least one granddaughter.

He and his son would argue over weither or not to teach Ren magic with him wanting to and his son being against it. His son would die and he would take custody of his granddaughter.

Soon after Ren’s thirteen birthday, she would trigger her Mayan heritage and he helped her get to the docks in Galveston so she can escape.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Fire Keeper

He receives word that his granddaughter is safe on Isla Holbox and flies out to be with her. Four days later they see each other and join the Obispos and Brooks and Quinn for Pizza. He then meets Pacific.


Abeulo Santiago is described as looking to young to be a grandfather.


Abeulo Santiago is a caring man who is open about his family background and cares for his granddaughter.


  • Santiago is a Spanish surname and masculine given name meaning “Saint James”.


  • Despite having sobernatural heritage, he is unable to do magic.
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