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Ada is a homeless girl in New York City with knowledge of bizarre current events.

City of the Plague God

One Saturday, she heads to the masjid in Little Egypt for food and runs into Sikander Aziz. She becomes suspicious when she sees Belet Amari and asks if she is his girlfriend. When Sik gives her a kabob, she eats it and he asks about anything strange that happened in a city recently. She tells him about a shipping container filled with dead refugees in Gravesend.


Ada is a teenage girl in her mid-teens who wears a coat covered in patches with various bags glued to the pockets.


Ada is very untrusting of others and enjoys tradition, such as going to Mo's on Wednesdays for fruit and the masjid in Little Egypt for kabobs on Saturdays. If she feels cornered she tends to flee.


  • Ada refers to herself in the third person.
  • Whenever someone would call services on her, she would always ended back on the streets.
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