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Adrien Cuttlebush is a boy living in Albuquerque, New Mexico who bullies Mac Begay.


When Adrien was in camp one summer, Mac Begay played a prank on him that caused Adrian to bully him relentlessly. He and his friends would beat him up on several occasions. He also flushed a sketchbook Mac got for his birthday down a toilet and at one point tried to flush Mac himself down a toilet before the vice principal stopped him.

Race to the Sun

Adrien and his friends are seen cutting class in the baseball diamond when Nizhoni Begay sneaks off the Intertribal Community Charter School campus to run home to get her lunch. Soon the group would find and attack Mac and Mock him and Nizhoni when she showed up. As he snapped one of Mac’s colored pencils, his victim would attack him with the sprinkler system as he and his friends panic and run for the school building.


Adrien is a cruel teenage boy who takes joy in tormenting others.

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