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Your smell could kill me.

–Adrik to Iktan as she threatens to kill him in The Shadow Crosser.

Adrik is a Mayan godborn son of Ixtab.


Adrik and his sister were born to an unnamed man in the military and Ixtab, the queen of Xib'alb'a. Their father told them what they are and that one day someone would take them away for training. While their father was deployed, they would stay with their aunt, who they hated.

He once stole one of his sister's roller skates.

One day, their aunt pawned a stone that their father told them to safeguard and they went to get it back.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Shadow Crosser

Ixtab, his mother.

When he and his sister are in a antique store in Hell's Kitchen to get their stone back, they are started when Zane Obispo breaks through the front window and run off. They are cornered in a nearby parking lot by Zane, Brooks, and Quinn. As Zane tells them what they are, they accuse him of wanting something they are safeguarding and run. His sister is caught as he slips underneath some cars. As Iktan returns with backup, he drives into some of the demons and is nearly killed by Iktan as before Brooks rips her off him. As the fly away Brooks is hurt and he and Alana open the door to the laundry mat where the gateway is and they all escape.

When they arrive on Isla Holbox, he and his sister are questioned about relatives and what they took from the antique store. He says they only have an aunt who they hate and keeps quiet on the antique store. After a while, they agree to go to SHIHOM with Zane and the others. They are given fresh shirts by Mrs. Obispo and Zane’s room to sleep in. The following morning they wait to be taken to the world tree by air spirits, however they are on strike and are taken by giant turtles instead. They clean themselves off and set sail. He rides with Ren and catches the daughter of Pacific when she goes into a trance and are attacked by black ooze. They are soon on a platform was Camazotz and Ixkik' demanding the stone, which he gave to Hondo. He told the bat god he had it and was shaken upside down without flinching. They are soon saved by the gods, but they lose the stone. They arrive at SHIHOM and their mother claims them as Saqik'oxol pound lightning into their legs and senses one is stronger then the other. After the ceremony he and Alana try and fail to get Zane's attention.

That night, he has a dream about sinking into a large couch when a large butterfly talks to him in his mother's voice, telling him the stone is called an Entry Stone. Soon after he appears in Zane's dream. The following morning he and his sister go to the library where Zane, Brooks, Ren, and Hondo are looking for information on their stone and he asks Zane why he pulled him into his dream. When he said he didn't he becomes disappoint that that is his power and the twins reluctantly agree to tell them. They say it is a key that unlocks magical barriers. They theorize Ixkik' and Camazotz wants to use the stone to sneak into SHIHOM and kill them in their sleep, but Hondo feels they would want to kill them when they are awake and alert. Soon Itzamna arrives and collapses on the floor. He takes them to the Ceiba World Tree and tells them the gods have been put into a deep slumber and the tree is in danger. He and the others are told by Zane about Tlaltecuhtli taking out the gods and he gets worried. He expresses his disappointment in his power in that he can only use it when asleep and goes after his sister when she can't stand the conversation and leaves. After Alana discovers her power, gateway manipulation, they return him to trash their aunt's room before going to the library to tell the others. However Itzamna arrives and tells them to evacuate as the tree is under attack. He takes the Hondo, Marco, Brooks, and the others to a safe house in Montana while his sister goes with Zane, Louie, and Ren to the Cave of the Crystals. They arrive safely in Montana and send for Zane's mother to join them. He gets concussed falling off of a horse and he makes contact with his sister to fill her and the others in and that he thinks he found his "true gift". The following day he and his sister join Zane, Hondo, Brooks, Ren, Rosie and Marco in going to be Old World and he explains his true gift is stealing memories, something that could come in handy during their trip. When they reach the Old World and get ready to go to 1987, he hugs his sister goodbye and is told they will be trapped in the past if they don't find the gods within twenty-four hours. He joins Zane, Brooks, Ren, and Marco in going to the past.

When they arrive, he wipes a guy's memory after Marco mimics his face and reveals he found money printed before 1987 at his aunt's apartment. When they learn the gods are at the hero twin's old address, Marco theorizes they are in an object and the twins have no idea. Brooks realizes they can get help from Jazz, who was around at that time and can be memory wiped afterwards, and go to his house only to be attacked by him. Zane passes out and they take him inside as Brooks explains they are magicians and ask him to sneak them onto the twins yacht to find the gods during a party. As he talks about a Prince song that came out in 1991, Ren spills her drink on him to stop him from talking. Jazz agrees to help them and gives them Obi-Wan Kenobi costumes to wear, as it is a Star Wars themed party. As Jazz takes them out he asks for proof that they are magicians and, as he can only use his powers in his sleep, the son of Ixtab tells the giant a little about his future. They sneak on board as Prince arrives and the others have to drag him with them. They go into a ballroom and Rosie sniffs out a painting. After she emits a blue mist it vanishes and they hear someone coming as Ren blocks the door. When they realize the gods are imprisoned in Tlaltecuhtli, who herself is imprisoned by the twins, they free her and he and Ren go back to the boat as Zane and Rosie fight Jordan and Bird. When Zane and Brooks return with the Devourer they speed away as the twins give chase. However they are to faraway for him to wipe their memories so Zane and Brooks help him get closer and he seemingly succeeds. When they arrive on the beach, Marco is missing. They find him buried in the sand and he erase Jazz's memories before returning to the present to find Hondo has aged drastically and Saqik'oxol tells them the World Tree has come under attack and she summons her army.

They reach Hurakan's treehouse to find the jungle burning and records being destroyed. Soon the Sparkstriker leaves to fight, Ren and Brooks leave to find a pair of gods the Devourer regurgitated, and Rosie leaves to look his mother. The Devourer says she can heal Hondo if they heal her and they agree. However whe they do so she regurgitates a teenage Camazotz, who says something about Ixkik' before passing out. They turn their attention to the Devourer, now a woman, who heals Honda before leaving. Hondo tells them Ixkik' betrayed the bad god to crown Jordan the king of the Sobrenaturals, however Zane thinks their is more to it and they head out. Before they can leave, Ren and Rosie return with teenage versions of Pacific and Ah-Puch just as Ixkik' projects her voice to say she is hunting down the gods as they speak and demands Zane come to the World Tree. He and the others question what the goddess wants with Zane and he and the others agree to find as many gods as they can as the son of Hurakan surrenders and goes to the World Tree. He calls Alana for help and they get back up to fight the enemy. Before the party celebrating the defeat of Ixkik', his mother says goodbye to him Alana before leaving and he dances with Ren while his sister dances with Marco.


Adrik is a tall and bulky boy in his early to mid teens with short cropped black hair, brown eyes with gray specks that glow blue when using telepathy, and a dark complexion.


Adrik is somewhat untrusting of strangers, however he is willing to trust them if they prove they can be. He is also strong willed, as he barely flinched as Camazotz shook him upside.


  • Telepathy: Like all godborns, Adrik can communicate telepathically with other godborns. However while most need physical contact, he and his sister can do so a yard apart.

  • Mnemokinesis: Adrik is able to steal others' memories. At first he could only do so while dream walking, he has learned how to do so when awake. However he can only do so at close range and the target must be visible to him.
  • Hypnokinesis (limited): Adrik is able to control sleep on an extremely limited level.
    • Dream Walking: Adrik is able to enter other people's dreams when we sleep.

  • Etymology

    • Adrik is a masculine given name of Dutch origins.


    • He watches online acting courses.
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