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Aegir, also spelled Ægir, (also known as Hlér or Gymir) is the Norse god of the Sea, Storms, Alcohol and Banquets as well as the husband of Ran, the Norse Goddess of the Sea.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Ran, his wife

Ran mentions that her husband doesn't like that she collects trash and spends all his time brewing mead.

The Hammer of Thor

Aegir is mentioned along with his wife when Magnus is planing to beat Loki to Naglfar with his cousin. He is also wondering how he and Poseidon create boundaries, as they are both sea gods.

The Ship of the Dead

The crew of the Big Banana end up in his mead after his daughters sink their ship. He offers for them to stay for a meal, which consists of Blitzen and Hearthstone. The pair are saved by telling Aegir they are vegetarian and must breakfast with a dwarf and elf present. He invites everyone to his mead tasting, only for one of his daughters to call out Magnus Chase. He tells the son of Frey that he promised his wife he would kill Magnus if he saw him. However he agrees to let them go if they could escape his daughters. Luckily the crew of the Big Banana is saved by Njord.


Aegir has a beard. According to Ran, he wears a flannel shirt, rolled-up skinny jeans, glasses.


He presumably has the standard powers of a god.

  • Hydrokinesis: As the Norse God of the sea, he has absolute control and divine authority over water.
  • Alcokinesis: As the Norse God of Alcohol, he has absolute control and divine authority over alcohol.
  • Atmokinesis: As the Norse God of Storms, he has absolute control and diving authority over storms.
  • Plenty Inducement: As the Norse God of banquets, Aegir can ensure he has enough food for all in his hall.


  • Aegir and his wife are among the few Norse Gods to be neither Aesir, nor Vanir, and often regarded as Jotunn.
  • His name Aegir means "Ocean" or "Sea"; his other names are Hler or Gymir.
  • His names are thought of as pre-Norse, derived from an ancient Indo-European root.
  • He is more ancient than the typical Jotunn and will survive the Ragnarök.
  • His Greco-Roman equivalents are Oceanus (as he and his wife may be more Jotunn than god), Kymopoleia, another unappreciated God of Storms, as well as Dionysus/Bacchus, in terms of alcohol and banquet.
  • His nine daughters, The Billow Maidens, Heimdall's mothers, could be seen as the counterparts of Oceanids, the three thousand daughters of Oceanus and Tethys.


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