Aeithales is a series of greenhouses, most of the burnt down due to Caligula's efforts. Aeithales was tended by Phillip McCaffrey, and was formerly the home of Meg McCaffrey. The remaining greenhouse is currently inhabited by cacti dryads, and most recently Herophile, who often take refuge in the nearby Cistern

The Trials of Apollo

The Burning Maze

Meg, Apollo, and Grover Underwood exit from the Labyrinth here. The three are greeted by a Dryads living in the destroyed greenhouses. Meg reveals that she used to live in Aeithales until she and her father were forced to flee when she was five. They group decides to use it as base camp as they set out to stop Caligula. When they stop the dryads rebuild the daughter of Demeter‘s childhood home and ask her to stay, she declines in favor of helping Apollo.

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Known inhabitants


  • Aeithales is Ancient Greek for evergreen.
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