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Aigaios (or also spelled Aigaion) is the Greek god of sea storms and the eponymous ruler of the Aegean Sea.


Aigaios fought in the First Titan War on the side of Kronos while Oceanus remained neutral despite the efforts of both the former and latter.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

Tyson says Aigaios is one of the old sea gods that are helping Oceanus protect the Princess Andromeda from Poseidon. In the second war with the gods, Oceanus and Aigaios both agreed to fight in the war, specifically to fight Poseidon. After the gods won, Aigaios and Oceanus fled back into the depths of the sea.


  • He presumably has the standard powers of a God.
  • Hydrokinesis: As the ruler of the Aegean Sea, Aigaios has divine control over the water.
    • Aquatic Lordship: As the ruler of the Aegean Sea, Aigaios has lordship over all his creatures, including monsters.
  • Atmokinesis: As the god of sea storms, he has control of the weather.
    • Electrokinesis (limited): Aigaios has the ability to crate and control lightnings.


The etymology of Aigaios and its relationship to the name of the Aegean Sea is complicated, but the most popular theory is that Aigaios comes from the Aegean, which in turn comes from the name of King Aegeus. However, this would rather apply to its Roman name, Aegaeos, since it was the Romans who gave the name Aegean to this sea by modifying the myth of Theseus, while originally it was said that Aegeus died throwing himself from the acropolis, while that the Roman writers promoted that Aegeus had thrown into the sea from a cliff, as shown in the Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes, although it is unknown if this last version has Greek or Latin origins. On the other hand, Aigaios could come from the Greek aigis, and it would mean "the stormy one", relating it to his aspect of god of sea storms, although a third hypothesis says that it could be related to the "sea goat", where the zodiac sign Capricorn comes from, and also relates it to the aforementioned Athenian king, "Goat Man". Finally, Aigaios is one of the names that the Hekatonkheire and Briareus received.