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It’s better not to think of them as gods. The best way to think of them is more like a divine mafia. They used their threats to force my mother into accepting their deal. And in the process, exile me from camp so I can’t ‘corrupt’ my brother and sisters. But I’ll never bow to the Olympian gods after the atrocities they committed. Their followers are blind. I’d never set foot in their camp, and if I did, it would only be to give that son of Poseidon what he deserves.

–Alabaster to Dr. Claymore on why he was exiled and his opinion of the Olympians and Percy in Son of Magic.

Alabaster C. Torrington is a Greek demigod son of Hecate, who appears in Son of Magic, a short story in The Demigod Diaries by Haley Riordan, son of Rick Riordan. He fought on the side of Kronos and the Titans during the Second Titan War, and led his half-siblings into battle. After the war he was banished from the camps and the gods' favor and forced into exile to fend for himself.


Early Life

Nothing is known of Alabaster's childhood, but he revealed that he was the leader of the demigods in Kronos' army in the second Titanomachy, the war between the gods and the Titans.[1]

Post War and Exile

When Kronos lost, Alabaster urged his mother to keep fighting, which earned him the ire of the victorious Olympians. Hecate was offered a deal to rejoin the Olympian side as part of the promise to Percy Jackson to offer the forces of Kronos a general amnesty, and intimated that if she did not, they would destroy Alabaster. Hecate accepted the offer, not wanting more of her children to die, and Alabaster was exiled so he could not corrupt the other children of Hecate at camp.[1]

The Heroes of Olympus

The Demigod Diaries

Son of Magic

Since then, he had been on the run from a monster named Lamia, who, he later learns, is another child of Hecate, and the monster who originally crafted the spell that allows monsters to detect half-bloods, as revenge against Hera for murdering her children. Despite how many times he killed her, Alabaster found that he could not destroy Lamia as she kept being resurrected by Gaea. He sought the help of his mother, Hecate, who refused to get involved with her children as she didn't want either of them to die, and then sought out the help of Dr. Howard Claymore, a renowned doctor known for his work on researching the afterlife.

Talented at magic and being reasonably powerful, Alabaster crafted numerous enchantments for himself, including multiple defensive barriers around his place of residence, and crafting for himself Mistforms of a father and an Imperial Gold sword. When Claymore accidentally led Lamia to his house, Alabaster prepared to fight her and protect him. Inadvertently, Claymore gave Alabaster an idea during the fight as to how to defeat Lamia permanently, and led him back into the house to find the appropriate spell. Unfortunately, Lamia reformed quicker than they imagined, and held Claymore hostage. She then burned the book that contained the spell, but before it could be entirely destroyed, Claymore sacrificed himself so that there would be nothing stopping Alabaster using the spell. Before he could do so, Hecate intervened, teleporting Alabaster away before he could use the spell, and returning the soul of Claymore in a Mistform body to be his companion.

Hecate explained to Claymore that Lamia is unlikely to pursue Alabaster for the moment, because of the power of the spell he has in his possession. The spell he found would have bound her to the earth as black sand as opposed to sending her essence to Tartarus, meaning that she would never reform for eternity. Not wanting this to happen to one of her children, Hecate separated the two, and trusted that Lamia would have the sense not to pursue Alabaster until she had found a way to counteract the spell. Later, Dr. Claymore is last seen helping Alabaster to his feet in a field.[1]


Alabaster is a calculating boy with a great deal of past hurt and a chip on his shoulder. Hating the Olympians, who he thinks of as a sort of "Divine Mafia", he views them as selfish and bullying, and those who follow them as blind. He was eager to continue the war with the Olympians even after the 'death' of Kronos, but was left without allies when the gods banished him as part of their deal with Hecate not to destroy him, as long as she forms an alliance.  Heroic in his own right, he was not willing to allow Claymore to die at Lamia's hand, considering it his duty to protect him. Hecate describes him as headstrong and impatient.


Alabaster is described as tall, sixteen year old with brown hair, and green eyes with bags underneath them. He also has a freckled face. During his fight with his half-sister, he wore clothes with green protective runes scribbled on them and a bullet-proof vest (which was damaged beyond use after the battle).


  • ADHD: Like most demigods, he possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that he uses to analyze the fighting style of his opponent.
  • Dyslexia: His brain is 'hardwired' to Ancient Greek.
  • Latin: He shown to speak and understand a little Latin when casting his spells.
  • Swordsmanship: He is skilled in sword fighting, having survived the second Titanomachy. He wields an Imperial Gold blade.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Claymore noted that Alabaster looked exhausted and was amazed that he could cast spells, use his sword and even move when he fought Lamia.  

  • Mystiokinesis: As a son of Hecate, he can cast and perform powerful magic and spells. He is capable of performing powerful spells and using this ability he inscribes runes of power on his clothes, using them for protection.
    • Protection: Alabaster crafted numerous enchantments for himself, including multiple defensive barriers around his place of residence. He was also able to cast a protection spell on himself to protect himself from dying.
    • Spell Removal: Using the Aufero Sarcina, he can remove the spells from another person.
    • Magical Tracking: Using Persequor Vestigium, he can track another person.
  • Mist Control: As a son of Hecate, he can control the Mist. This ability means he is able to use the Mist to alter mortals memories and perceptions, also he can use it to summon a 'Mistform' and his Imperial Gold sword. This ability includes the following:
    • He can create illusions.
    • He can create false memories.
    • He can make monsters invisible or have them be seen as something else.
    • He can hide locations.
    • He can summon Mistforms.
    • He can disguise and hide people.
    • He can disguise and hide objects.
    • He can influence the minds of mortals.
    • He can teleport through the Mist.

  • Magical Items

    Alabaster's Mistform Card



    Hecate, his mother.

    Alabaster both loves and respects his mother. He talks with the magic goddess at night and obeys her commands when told, as shown during Claymore’s dream.

    In return, Hecate does whatever she can to ensure the safety of Alabaster and the rest of her half-blood children. Going as far as separating him and Lamia during their battle.

    The son of Hecate has a strong dislike for his maternal half-sister. Having spent months failing to keep her from automatically reforming has taken its toll on him. After finding a spell to keep her from referring, he intended to use it on her. After the two were seperated by there mother, she gave up on hunting him for the time being.


    Dr. Howard Claymore

    Alabaster first came to Dr. Claymore seeking help in permanently killing his half-sister. When he refused Alabaster gave him his address and phone number and told him his situation. The human helped the son of Hecate during his last stand and his sacrifice gave Alabaster the energy to cast the binding spell. When he meets Claymore's mist form he was elated.


    Percy Jackson

    Percy Jackson, the demigod Alabaster blames for Kronos’s loss and his banishment.

    Despite never meeting him in person, the son of Hecate has a strong sense of animosity for the son of Poseidon, seeing Percy as the murderer of Kronos and one of the causes of his banishment from the Olympian’s favor, as well as his life of constant dangers in exile. Alabaster stated that if he ever ran into Percy, he would give him “what he deserved”.


    • Alabaster is a soft white mineral that is often used for carving. It is also an English surname, originally used for someone who provided armed services with a crossbow.
    • Torrington is the name of a former constituency (electoral area) in the town of the same name in the county of Devon in Southwestern England.


    • Alabaster is one of two known Greek demigods to use an Imperial Gold weapon, as Imperial Gold is mostly used by Roman demigods (except for Chrysaor, who had a sword made of it for supposedly "a few millennia" as of The Mark of Athena, although he called his sword "Enchanted Gold"). The other demigod being Meg McCaffrey who uses two Imperial Gold Siccae blades.
    • It is said that Alabaster is, at least currently, Hecate's most powerful demigod child.
    • He is the only known demigod to be exiled from Camp Half-Blood after the Second Titan War. 
    • Alabaster has openly shared his feelings and dislike for the "son of Poseidon", and has mentioned that he wants to give Percy "what he deserves."
    • He is the first of two males of the four demigods known to have the ability to successfully manipulate the Mist; Percy Jackson was able to manipulate the Mist in the story The Singer of Apollo and the other two, Thalia and Hazel are female.
    • Alabaster is the only named son of Hecate, as well as the only male known to use magic in either series.
    • Alabaster is the only canon demigod who was not created by Rick Riordan. Instead, Alabaster was instead created by Haley Riordan, Rick Riordan's son.
    • Alabaster is the second named demigod or legacy shown to be exiled from a camp, after Shen Lun.


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