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We didn't do anything to those monsters. They... they could have killed us. You saved our lives.

–Alana to Zane and company after arriving on Isla Holbox in The Shadow Crosser.

Alana is a Mayan godborn daughter of Ixtab.


Alana and her brother were born to an unnamed mortal father in the military and Ixtab, the queen of Xib'alb'a. Their father told them what they were and that one day they would go somewhere to train. While he was deployed, they stayed with their aunt, who they hated.

At one point her aunt pawned a stone their father told them to keep safe.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Shadow Crosser

Ixtab, her mother.

As she and Adrik are in an antique store in Hell's Kitchen get the stone their aunt pawned, she is stated by Zane Obispo falling through the front window and scaring them off. They are corned in a parking lot by Zane, Brooks, and Quinn. As Zane tells them what they are and that he is there to help them, they accuse him trying to steal something of theirs and they run. However one of the nawals catches her and she cries out for her brother. After Iktan returns they fight her forces off and make it to the laundry mat where the gateway is. She and her brother unlock the door and they escape.

When they reach Isla Holbox, she offers to help treat Brooks would. When Hondo Obispo and Ren Santiago arrive, she pulls out sunglasses to cover her eyes from their car's headlights. She and her brother tell them about their home life and that they already know what they are, but keep quiet on what they were doing at the antique store. After a little while, they agree to join Zane. They are given fresh clothes and copies of Zane's first book.

The following morning, she and the other wait on the beach to be taken by air spirits to take them to SHIHOM. However they are on strike and are taken by giant turtles instead. After cleaning themselves off they go on the turtles to SHIHOM. When Zane asks her what she and Adrik where doing at the antique store, she tells him everything they know as they are attacked. They try and fail to fight them off as she and the son of Hurakan are dragged under the water. Moments later they end up on a platform being interrogated by Camazotz and Ixkik' about the stone. She is thrown overboard, but Brooks and Ren save her. Soon the gods save them, but they lose the stone. They arrive at SHIHOM and their mother claims them as Saqik'oxol pounds lightning into their legs, she also senses one of them is stronger then the other. After the claiming ceremony, she and Adrik try and fail to get Zane's attention.

The following morning she is accidentally woken up by Ren, who shares a treehouse with her, and she and her brother go to the library where they reluctantly agree to tell the others about the stone. They reveal it is a key able to unlock magical barriers and think their enemies will us it to sneak into SHIHOM and kill them in their sleep, but Hondo feels they want to kill them when they are wake. She mentions not being able to manifest any godborn abilities and that her sight has been getting blurrier ever since the claiming ceremony. Soon Itzamna arrives and collapses on the floor, she and Ren help him up and he takes them to the Ceiba World Tree where he says the gods have been placed in a deep slumber and the tree is in danger. She and the others are filled in by Zane about the gods being taken down by Tlaltecuhtli, she becomes worried. When the other godborns talk about their powers, she gets frustrated, as she hasn't manifested anything, and leaves with her brother following her. She wonders into a gateway and ends up on the other side of the school. After a while she realizes the blotches she sees are really gateways and she and Adrik find one to Hell's Kitchen and wreck their aunt's room. They return to SHIHOM and go to the library to the the others. However Itzamna returns and saying an attack on the tree is imminent and to evacuate. She goes with Zane, Ren, and Louie to the cave while Adrik and the others go to a safe house in Montana. She opens a portal, but ends up at the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland instead, they leave soon after.

They reach the caves and follow a thread coming out of Ren's watch to a hole they slide down. She and the son of Chaac emerge last as a ghost yells touch down. The chase after Ren, as the thread was pulling her, and it snaps, creating a portal. They enter and find their destiny literally hanging over their heads as they walk on and are warned not to touch them. They reach six statues of gods holding blue orbs with words on them and they think the Time Rope is in one of them. However Zane thinks otherwise and something happens. They clean off the floor to find a mural of constellations. After Ren recounts the Mayan creation myth, Zane thinks he found the calendar. The room shifts to funhouse mirrors and K'iin itself talks to them. They ask it where the gods are and, after Ren promises to give her something in the future and Zane alters his fate, they learn the gods are trapped in Venice Beach in 1987.

The floor gives out and they fall, but grab onto a ledge. After Adrik falls off a horse, the twins make contact and they learn everyone is safe at the ranch and that he figured out his "true gift". She tells everyone to think of Montana and, after a detour to a pizzeria, they end up in a bullpen. She tries to calm down the bull, Old Smalls, and fails. Luckily Zane whips up a smokescreen and Ren freezes time. They reach a mansion sized log cabin and she goes to find her brother. After Rosie and Zane's mother arrive at the ranch, she talks to the driver. The following morning she and Adrik join Zane, Brooks, Hondo, Ren, Marco, and Rosie in going to the Old World. Once she gets them their and Ren makes the rope, she hugs her brother goodbye as he, Zane, Brooks, Ren, and Marco to 1987. Her brother calls her for help and she brings a few godborns to fight. Before the celebration of defeating Ixkik', her mother says goodbye to her and her brother before heading back to Xib'alb'a. During the party, she dances with Marco while Adrik dances with Ren.


Alana is a girl in her early to mid teens with short cut curly hair with red highlights, brown eyes with flecks of gray that glow blue when using telepathy, and dark complexion. She is shorter then her brother. She wears silver sunglasses when in the presence of strong light.


Alana is untrusting of strangers, however she lightens up on them after she is aided in a life of death situation. She is also quick to help others, as she offered to look at Brooks's wound.


  • Telepathy: Like all godborns, she is able to communicate telepathically with other godborns. However she and her brother can do so from a slight range while others can only do so with physical contact.
  • First Aid Skills: Alana has some first aid training.

  • Pylikinesis: Alana is able to control gateways.
    • Gateway Detection: Alana can see gateways.
    • Gateway Halting: Alana can keep gateways from closing.

  • Etymology

    • Alana is a feminine given name of Old Germanic origins meaning "precious child".


    • Alana has some similarities to Kernel Fleck from The Demonata series by Daren Shan.
      • Both can see portal fragments.
      • Both can create portals to other worlds.
      • Both have fought demons at one point in their lives.
    • She is sensitive to light.
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