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Albuquerque is a city in central New Mexico and the largest city in the state.


The area around what is today New Mexico was settled by the Spanish in the early 1540’s, however in the 1680’s the region’s Spanish residence fled when Pueblo tribes in the region fought back against the colonial powers and forced them from the area, including the area of what is today Albuquerque.

The city was founded by the Spanish in nearly twenty years later after recolonizing the area and named the new settlement after Francisco Fernández de la Cueva, the tenth Duke of Albuquerque, who served as Viceroy of New Spain from 1702-1711.

Race to the Sun

Nizhoni Begay, the protagonist of the novel, has lived in the city with her father and brother, as well as her best friend Davery Descheny, her entire life. All three attend the local Intertribal Community Charter School, a school where all students and faculty are of Native American descent. After Mr. Begay is kidnapped by Mr. Charles, his new boss and a Bináá' yee aghání, Nizhoni and Mac go to Alvarado Transportation Center to catch a train to Gallup and get to Spider Rock in the Navajo Nation to get help in saving him and stopping Mr. Charles.

The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities: New Stories About Mythic Heroes

The Demon Drum

Albuquerque is again the main setting of the short story, with multiple members of various tribes across North America coming to the city for the All-Nations Assembly Powwow.


  • Albuquerque hosts an anual hot air balloon festival every year in early October.
  • The city is named after a town in Spain near the boarder with Portugal in the Spanish province of Badajoz. The name is possibly derived from the Latin “alba quercus“ meaning “white oak”.
    • Interestingly enough, the name of the Spanish town is also a surname of Portuguese origin.
  • Most of the city counts as its own district in the United States House of Representatives.
  • Albuquerque’s nicknames, Duke City and Burque, are both references to the city’s namesake.
  • Route 66 passes through the city.
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