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Back then, our worlds interacted more. Now, both worlds have changed. Elves spend most of their time staring at screens, watching funny pixie videos when they are supposed to be working.

–-Hearthstone explaining Alfheim, the Sword of Summer

Alfheim (pronounced "ALF-hame") is one of the Nine Worlds, more specifically the one inhabited by the light elves. According to Hearthstone, it isn't that different from Midgard, only brighter, and without nighttime. It can only be accessed through falling.


Alfheim is described to be like many of the upscale neighborhoods of Boston. Being the world of light and air, Alfheim is constantly bathed in sunlight, with the ground having a spongy texture. Magnus realizes that the sun does dip a little low in the horizon, but it doesn't really disappear. The bright light around Alfheim is said to be different from that of Folkvanger. This is because elves need constant sunlight or else they will fade away and die.

There were many mansions with large stone walls, they looked like Tudor-style mansions or postmodern versions of Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland. But there was also a village containing a country club. Hearthstone's mother, Greta, used to go there but she was killed when a delivery truck ran a red light. When Magnus first arrives in Alfheim, he compares it to Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Frey, the ruler over the light elves

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

While separated from Magnus Chase and Blitzen, Samirah al-Abbas and Hearthstone wind up in the world of elves, much to Hearth's displeasure. Once there her confides to Samirah about his past.

The Hammer of Thor

Magnus and Hearth journey to Alfheim to find the Skofnung Stone in order to save Blitz. The three of them enter by falling from an airplane.

Once there, they had a close run-in with Hearth's father, who only would let them have the stone if his son pays his werguild. They go to a forest to visit a tricky dwarf, where they eventually win his treasure, including his cursed ring. They quickly turn Blitz back to normal. Then they travelled back to Midgard with the help of Jack after escaping the party. They were pursued by angry elves.

The Ship of the Dead

Magnus, Blitz, and Hearth journey to Alfheim to find Bolverk's whetstone. They confront Hearth's dad, who had been transformed into a monster because of the ring.

9 from the Nine Worlds

Speaking of Trolls...

When Hearthstone is alerted that Inge is in danger after being captured by another family, he rushes to Alfheim to save her.


  • Alfheim, or Álfheimr in old Norse, loosely translates to "elf home" or "home of the elves."
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