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Can't blame us for trying.

–Alice to Apollo in The Hidden Oracle.

Alice Miyazawa is a Greek demigod daughter of Hermes. She and Julia are the "main pranksters" of the camp.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Alice is first seen giggling and whispering with Julia at the door of the Hermes Cabin, making Apollo feel embarassed.

When Apollo meets the centaur Chiron, he explains that she became an official prankster, along with Julia. This is due to Travis leaving for college. She had pranked Chiron by making his wheelchair Rocky Horror Show themed.

At the pavilion, Alice is seen watching Meg with horror, who was gorging her food. Later, she is a part of the chaos of the claiming.

Afterwards, Julia and Alice conversed with Meg near the brazier, right before the three-legged death race. She attempted to put a listening device on Meg's shirt, and later nervously left when Apollo tricked her into thinking he did something to their shoes.

Shortly after the three-legged death race, Julia and Alice climbed up on the lava wall with binoculars. Apollo mentioned they both were hoping to see the Grove of Dodona.

When the Colossus attacked camp, Alice attempted to throw electric javelins at the statue. Nico had persuaded her to disembark from Sherman's chariot so Apollo could use it. Once Apollo shot the plague arrow, she stumbled towards him dripping with oil.

At the end of the book, Alice may have been one of the demigods who punched Leo in the arm.


Alice, like many of the other Hermes kids, is mischevious and goofy. She is a natural prankster and has a sense of humor.


Hermes, her father.

  • Cunning: Alice is uncommonly cunning.
  • Enhanced Theft Abilities: Alice is able to supernaturally steal things without people noticing, even other demigods.
  • Clauditiskinesis: Alice can magically sense the internal structure and mechanisms of any lock she touches, and is able to make it unlock, even telekinetically. This, however, does not work on cursed locks.
  • Lock Intuition: Alice can also identify curses and traps placed on locks. If she concentrates hard enough, she can deactivate them.
  • Money manipulation: Since Hermes is the god of merchants, Alice is presumably quite good with money.


  • Alice and Julia Feingold are the first daughters of Hermes to physically appear in the series.
  • She is a demigod of Japanese descent.
  • In The Last Olympian, Hermes mentions that he has two daughters in Los Angeles. This may or may not refer to Alice and her sister Julia.