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Alke is a realm of West African and African American mythology and folklore. The main continent is under the protection of Nyame while the island of MidPass is protected by the African American Gods.

Tristan Strong Trilogy

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky

After punches a bottle on a bottle tree, Tristan Strong is sent to Alke. After being fished out of the Burning Sea by the Midfolk, he journeys to the mainland to find a Story Box to lure Anansi to them to get the trickster to fix the hole in the sky.

Tristan Strong Destroys the World

Tristan returns to Alke to find his grandmother after she was taken by the Shamble Man. He manages to find her and defeat the rogue god, but a storm is summoned to rip Alke apart at its stories. Tristan fails to stop his plan and takes as much of the residence as he can to his world. As they evacuate, Tristan and some of the gods imbues the stories into a quilt.


  • The realm of Alke is very similar to the world of Narnia.
    • Both worlds are filled with many mythical creatures and gods.
    • The world of Alke is named after the continent of the same name like the country of Narnia.
    • Time in both worlds flows differently than on Earth.
    • Alke represents Africa in the form of an allegory while Narnia contains many Christian elements in allegorical form.
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