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Why would we let a mere boy fight our greatest enemy? Let’s end this, Hurakan.

The Storm Runner.

Alom (pronounced "ah-LOME") is the Mayan god of the sky.


It is believed that before the existence of humans and the Earth, there was merely a sea of fresh water and an empty sky. The god of the sky, Alom, created the sun and stars with two other Mayan Gods, the Earth and mankind. Then he created an Oasis for himself and the other gods. After humanity was created, Alom introduced himself so that they could discover life's purpose.[1]

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Alom and the other gods arrive in the Old World to kill Ah-Puch. When Hurakan told the other gods to let Zane Obispo fight him, Alom didn't think a mere boy would fight their greatest enemy. But Hurakan reveals he fathered the one who freed Ah-Puch, he and the other gods sentence the storm god to death as this was against the Sacred Oath they took. When the death god and Ixtab request he fight Zane, they all agree. The gods were led to believe that he died killing Ah-Puch when he was really saved by Ixtab, they decided to lock Hurakan up in a small prison as they might need his power later on.

The Fire Keeper

Bird and Jordan, the hero twins, manipulated the gods into changing their minds about the execution of Hurakan in order to raise Tlaltecuhtli. Alom is present wearing a judge's robe along with the other major gods. After the hero twins escape and the gods catch Zane and Brooks, he is shocked to see Ah-Puch and the godborns. As Zane explains everything, the gods pardon those they see as guilty and agree to train and claim the godborns.


Alom was half the size of Zane Obispo. He wore khakis and a starched blue bottom-down shirt and had spiked, bleached white hair. Zane says that Alom was definitely not his mother's type.


  • Atmokinesis: As the Mayan sky god, he likely has control over the weather.
  • Aerokinesis: As the Mayan sky god, he likely has control over the air.
  • Heliokinesis: As the Mayan sky god, he likely has control over the sun and stars.


  • According to some sources, Alom was one of the four creator deities. He changed his name to Hunahpu-Guch during the third attempt to create man.[2]
  • Alom is also called Tepeu, Qaholom, Bitol or Xpiayoc.
  • His Greco-Roman equivalent is Ouranos/Caelus.
  • His Egyptian equivalent is Nut.
  • His Hindu equivalent is Dyaus.


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