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"Leave my son alone!" What're you going to do? Hit me with your cane? My job is becoming way too easy. Sent to kill a half-breed nothing of a—

The Storm Runner

An Alux (pronounced: "ah-LOOSH") is a very dangerous knee-high dwarf-like creature from Mayan mythology.


Aluxob are molded out of clay or stone for a specific purpose. Usually, they are made by farmers to help grow and protect their crops like maize.[1] The creator of an alux must provides offerings to it. Otherwise it might get mad and take revenge on its owner. They were magical and masters at playing games with humans.[2]

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Ixtab sent an alux to attack Zane Obispo at a bank where he wanted to talk to his mom about his dad. It first appeared on the car of Mr. Ortiz, Mrs. Obispo says it's very dangerous. The alux made it inside, the two tried to make to the safety-deposit-box cage but then Uncle Hondo arrived and a fallen tree allowed the alux to block their path before they could make it. Hondo fought the alux while Mrs. Obispo took her son to the car. Despite already being on the road, the alux managed to catch up with them, Mrs. Obispo couldn't shake it off. The creature climbed onto the windshield before the car stopped in the middle of sleeping cows. Mrs. Obispo decides to fight the monster with a crowbar. It leaped onto her back and held the knife to her throat, then it dangled its legs casually over her shoulders like it was just some kid on a stroll through the park. It reveals that it has been sent to kill Zane, before it and Mrs. Obispo can reveal more information, Brooks comes flying in a hawk and grabs it. It kicked and screamed clawing at her but Brooks shook it hard like it was her mouse prey and she was trying to break its neck. As it snarled, Brooks took it higher and higher while spinning in circles, she eventually killed it.

Brooks said that the alux was actually after her, mistaken identities happen all the time. She fabricated some big story about how her dad traded antiques around the world and the alux's owner had accused him of selling her a fake Maya death mask. But soon Zane Obispo realized that Ixtab intended the alux for him to prevent him from fulfilling the prophecy of fire so she wouldn't have to fight Ah-Puch for the throne of the dead. After Zane defeated Ah-Puch in the Empty, Ixtab revealed that the alux went rogue. It happens sometimes, especially with the little ones, they're always trying to make up for their stout nature. Ixtab says that if Brooks hadn't killed that one, she would've.

The Fire Keeper

Aluxes were among the spectators to see the "execution" of Hurakan.


The alux that attacked the Obispos was two feet tall and looked like some kind of goblin with patches of dark, mangy hair poking out of its abnormally large head. It had beady yellowish eyes that can glow and a sinister smile, and between its pointy, gray and sharp teeth it clutched a dagger. It had a bulbous nose, gnarled hands, its skin was pitted and puffy, and it had a lazy eye that roamed too far to the left. It's voice was high and screechy, it can laugh a sick sort of cackle that sounded like it was going to give Zane Obispo nightmares. He decided the alux might’ve been only a hair less ugly than a demon runner.


  • Their Greek counterparts may be the Gegeines.
  • Their Egyptian counterparts may be the Shabti.
  • Their Norse counterparts may be the Nisser.


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