Alyssa is a magician from North Carolina studying under the Kane siblings. She has chosen the path of Geb, the earth god, and is the only specialist in earth-based magic at Brooklyn House. She has a natural talent for it, possibly because she grew up in a family of potters and has been around clay since she was young.[1]

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

Alyssa was a student in Carter Kane's Magic Problem-Solving 101 class. She uses the Sa-per (miss) hieroglyph to defeat the shabti. She is the first to notice that the Ra statue was turning to scarab shells when Apophis infiltrated the training room. Using earth magic, she summons three shabtis to ram into the serpent messenger.

She is seen again in The Battle of Brooklyn House repairing a hole that the rebel magicians had blown in the wall. After the battle, she fixes the masonry using the power of Geb.

The Serpent's Shadow

Alyssa joins the Kanes in their mission to save The Book of Overcoming Apophis in Dallas. She and the other initiates wait for the Kanes in the gift shop, and she is juggling clay pots when they come to fetch the initiates. When making their way to the King Tut exhibit, she asks Sadie about the guards' glowing eyes, and appears uneasy when Sadie tells her they can see into the Duat. Alyssa is mentioned to like solid ground much better than heights or deep water, and almost became seasick when Sadie first described the Duat to her.

Alyssa, with the help of Walt, has to pull Felix out of harm's way when the criosphinxes start attacking. After Apophis destroys the scroll, she hugs Felix, who had lost his courage after his penguins were destroyed. When Apophis begins destroying the floor around them, she tries to stabilize it, but her staff bursts into flames while Apophis threatens to dissolve the earth she loves. Later on in the battle, she has an army of shabti around her and is trying desperately to keep the room together. When Sadie sees her in the Duat, she has a dust storm in the shape of Geb surrounding her and holding the room up. As the Chaos increases, she starts losing her battle against the crumbling room, but when Sadie restores Ma'at, her earth magic surges through and repairs the damage. After the battles, she rushes to the party, but finds only a smoking crater. When they get back to Brooklyn House, she appears to be in a state of shock, and helps Felix to the stairs.

She is present at dinner the next day, and asks if it was actually possible to make something to bind the shadow of Apophis. Later, when Sadie is describing Brooklyn Academy for the Gifted, she mentions that Alyssa uses her earth magic to make sculptures at BAG. When Sadie needed a portal at BAG, she had Alyssa give an Egyptian frieze to he art teacher as a project, and the frieze had been placed in the courtyard outside.

She and the other initiates fight in The Battle of the First Nome. She is fighting another earth elementalist, but clearly has the upper hand and soon has her opponent up to he neck in quicksand. She and the other initiates fall when Kwai hits them with lightning, but are revived when Sadie summons Ma'at. She helps in the battle against Apophis. After the battle, she and a group of earth elementalists reinforce the caverns so they don't collapse.


Alyssa likes solid things, such as stone and clay, due to following the path of Geb. She is also said to have a fear of great heights and water, which is why she hates the idea of the Duat. The first time Sadie described the Duat as an infinite sea under their feet, Alyssa becomes queasy.

Alyssa is a caring person as seen when she comforts Felix during and after the mission to save The Book of Overcoming Apophis.[2][3]


Alyssa has all the powers of a magician, and presumably a magic kit, wand and staff.


Divine Words - Alyssa has displayed that she has a good grasp of hieroglyphic spells and can speak a few Divine Words. In The Throne of Fire, she used the Sa-per (miss) spell against the shabti,[4] something which Carter commended as it was a foreign word of power to him at that time. It is presumed that she can speak more Divine Words but doesn't use them since she prefers to use earth magic.

Path of Geb

Earth Magic - Alyssa follows the path of the earth god Geb and by channeling the power of the earth god, she can use earth magic. She is able to levitate and control several items such as pottery or statues in patterns or to attack an enemy.[5][6] An example of this is when she controlled three statues to destroy a three headed snake in the The Throne of Fire. She has displayed great knowledge of earth magic by taking on a master earth elementalist.[7] She is able to dissolve other earth elementalists' attacks into rubble, and create quicksand at magician's feet. When the others were battling Sarah Jacobi and Kwai, she was holding together the Hall of Ages to keep it from collapsing and helped in the battle against Apophis. She has displayed that she can repair building structures, fixing most of the twenty-first[8] and first nomes[9] after battle.


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