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The Amagqirha of the Ridge folk is a medium of the people.

Tristan Strong series

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky

The Amagqirha summons the spirits of Fezile and the other ancestors to try Tristan Strong, Ayanna, Chestnutt, and Gum Baby for supposedly stealing from them. After Tristan saves the Ridgefolk from the Abiyoyo he summoned, they have feast and she beckons him to follow her. She takes him to where her people store their Story Box and crafts him a silver ball for his bracelet to protect him. A strong vibration is felt and she declares the Ridge is under attack. They rush back to the atrium and Tristan tells her to guard the story box. She takes it to her people’s story box for safekeeping. After the battle she wishes Tristan and the others a safe journey.


The Amagqirha is an elderly woman with dark skin and gray braided hair underneath a beaded cap.


The Amagqirha is a wise woman with a playful side and a serious side.


  • Mystiokinesis: The Amagqirha is a powerful sorceress, being able to summon the ancestors and create charms.


  • An Amagqirha is a traditional healer and medium of the Xosha people of Southern Africa.
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