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Amaravati ("uh-MAR-uh-vah-tee"), also known as the Court of the Heavens, is the legendary and amazing city in the Otherworld ruled by Lord Indra.


The glimmering and celestial city of Amaravati is draped in gold palaces and has celestial gardens full of a thousand magical wonders.[1] This was the place with sacred groves and where the apsaras danced.[2]

Land of Sleep

This land is far from the reach of mortals. It is ruled by Ratri but is soaked in celestial power, making it dangerous without a sage's protection even if one had Otherworldly blood.[3]

Grove of Ratri

A door from the cosmic gallery of the Department of Many Voices, lead to the Grove of Ratri, the goddess of night. It was an empty white expanse where people float in midair. A pure path of darkness, or a narrow strip of solid black like a sky bridge, cut through the grove, winding toward the Bridge of Dusk and Dawn.

There was a moonlit stand of trees and a small sign staked into the ground in front of it that said The Dreaming Grove of Ratri. Their trunks looked like spirals of dark smoke, and their branches were like black lace against a starry sky. Hanging on these branches were oval fruits with glittering silver rinds. These were dream fruits, they show what normally can't be seen, just like in dreams.

Bridge of Dusk and Dawn

From a distance, this bridge looked like a silver band due to how the light hit it. But it was actually enchanted sky marble: clouds reinforced with thunderstorms. However, if Ushas' red cows cross the bridge, the cold silver moonlight of the dusk end will dissipate, and the bridge will fade away and disappear. Anything on the other side will be stuck between dusk and dawn forever. The twinkling Night Bazaar can be seen from up here.

Palace of Day

This shining palace belonged to Ushas, the goddess of the dawn. From a distance, it seemed like the length of a supermarket aisle. It was so bright, it was difficult to make out the details. But shapes that could be discerned were golden spires and a gate.


Aru, Mini, and Brynne standing in front of the tree.

Kalpavriksha ("kuhl-PUHV-rik-shaw") is a diving wish-fulfilling tree located in the paradise gardens. It is said to have roots of gold and silver, with boughs encased in costly jewels.[4] It originated from the Ocean of Milk when when it was churned for the amrita.

Pandava Quintet

Aru Shah and the Song of Death

When Brynne Rao called upon her spiritual father, Vayu, for gazelles representing the four seasons in the Warehouse of Quest Materials, Aru Shah got jealous. She saw the outline of Amaravati where he own spiritual father, Indra, ruled and decided against waving at him.

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