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I appreciate it, Sam, and I ‘do’ see what you mean about the Norse deities. They aren’t gods. Anyone who can take so many selfies with a sword and a ram’s horn... Allah may have ninety-nine names, but Heimdall’s not one of them.”

–Amir after being opened up to the Nine Worlds and meeting Heimdall in, The Hammer of Thor.

Amir Fadlan is the son of Abdel Fadlan, owner of Fadlan's Falafel—a fast food chain restaurant, and Samirah al-Abbas' betrothed.


Amir was born as the eldest son in his family. At one point he was engaged to Samirah al-Abbas.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Magnus Chase takes everyone to lunch at the food court in the transportation center and meets Amir there. He addresses the son of Frey as "Jimmy". He then recognized Sam and asked why she was not in school. She says she gets credit for school by tutoring "Jimmy" and his friends in geometry. He then goes and prepares their meal.

He is mentioned throughout the rest of the book.  

The Hammer of Thor

Amir and his family have given Sam flying lessons as a gift. Amir is first seen through Valkyrie video Sam accidentally shot at her house, asking about what he had just learned in disbelief.

At the Provincetown Airport, he tells Sam that this is a lot for him to take in but he is trying to understand. He remembers Hearth and Blitz as Sam's 'math friends' and is surprised to see Magnus, who thought he was dead. As they boarded the plane, he inspects the son of Frey for fatal wounds. As they are about to takeoff, Barry is possessed by the goat assassin, which freaks him out. Sam plains to bring him to Asgard for a little while to get to know her life better. Before Magnus and Hearth jump to Alfheim with a petrified Blitz, he is reassured that Sam is the same as she always was.

Sam brought him to the Citgo Sign and tried to show him the Bifrost Bridge, with no success. After a pep talk from Magnus, he is able to see the rainbow bridge and the son of Frey helps him up. When they reach Heimdall, he is surprised to meet him and is confused to learn he had nine mothers. When the god tells the group about the invasion, Samirah makes an oath to Heimdall that she would only marry Amir, much to Amir's bewilderment. He questions Magnus when he learns that his uncle is going to be there. After they land back in Midgard he asks his companions if they would like food. He takes them to the transportation center and makes a meal for them while they discuss what to do about Utgard-Loki. He brings them their food and joins them, he sits between Magnus and Alex after a failed attempt to sit next to Sam. After Sam promises him to tell him everything when it is all over, she vanishes in a flash of golden light, much to his amazement.

The Ship of the Dead

Amir appears in the beginning to bid Sam goodbye. He is concerned because it is Ramadan and she is fasting. He gives Magnus a bag of falafels for the trip and drives off.

He visits Valhalla when Ragnarök is advertised for the first time. Wearing a name tag around his neck that says Visitor. Mortal! Do not kill!. Amir is impressed by Valhalla. He and Sam join their families for dinner after Ramadan ends and are joined by Alex.

9 from the Nine Worlds

This Is Why I Hate Clothes Shopping

Hours before Jid and Bibi’s anniversary party, he shows Sam a baby blue tuxedo to prank her. At her urging he goes to Blitzen’s Best. While the dwarf is not there, a man named Stan is. He urges the young man to try on a certain pair of leather pants. After he puts them on Stan reveals himself to be a sorcerer. He also tells Amir the the pants are Nábrók, a pare of enchanted pants that are made of the skin of a deceased man that when worn willingly by a male line descend provide unlimited gold and can not be removed. Just then Alex enters the shop and he is told be Stan to hide. When Alex leaves he is almost smuggled out back by Stan until Sam arrives and apprehends the sorcerer. Alex cuts off the Nábrók and, after changing back into his pants, buys a new outfit for the party with most of the gold and gives the rest to The Chase Space.

Physical Appearance  

Amir is an Arab American in his late teens, eighteen or nineteen. He has slick dark hair, Arabic symbols tattooed on his biceps, and a bright smile.


Amir is a friendly man who cares greatly for his friends and family.


  • Clear Sight: After agreeing to see beyond what he believes, Amir is able to see through the glamour and see what is truly out there.


  • Amir is the first human with Clear Sight to gain the ability, while all other humans with the ability were born with it.
    • However, this is partially due to Magnus healing Amir's mind as he forced him to look at the Bifrost Bridge, otherwise Amir's mind would have broken.
  • Amir is the third human to have a point of view after Dr. Howard Claymore and Randolph Chase.
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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