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Amos' Boat traveling through the Duat.

Amos' Boat is a magical Egyptian reed boat owned and used by Amos Kane.


Amos' boat is a magical Egyptian reed boat with two torches in the front and a big rudder in the back. Unlike most reed boats, Amos' lacks a sail and has several magical abilities, able to sail through the shallower layers of the Duat and to fly. Typically, Amos would leave driving the boat to his enchanted coat and hat rather than driving it himself.

Amos was able to summon the boat at one point by drawing the hieroglyph for boat on a windowpane. When he reunites with his niece and nephew at the Rio Grande, Amos mentions summoning the boat as well. Amos suggests that his ability to summon the reed boat is linked to the Kane family's ability to summon boats when in need such as the Egyptian Queen.

In the middle of the boat is a hut made of woven mats. The boat also has a storage locker with some clothes in it, including fresh linen coats.


At some point, Amos Kane either gets his hands on or creates this boat for easier transport. It becomes his preferred method of travel, able to transport him through the Duat to any location that he desires.

When Amos learns what his brother is up to, Amos uses the boat to reach London in a failed effort to talk Julius out of his plan.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

After convincing the Fausts to let him take Carter and Sadie, Amos summons his boat using the hieroglyph for boat. Carter is initially dubious of the boat's safety, but boards it anyways. Amos' coat pilots the boat through the Duat to New York in just a few minutes time, surprising Carter and Sadie at how fast they traveled. Amos' coat docks the boat at a small dock near Brooklyn House. The next day, while explaining about magic to his niece and nephew, Amos tells them that they had submerged just under the surface of the Duat to travel to New York because it makes travel much faster.

When Amos rescues Carter and Sadie from Sobek's crocodiles, he escapes with them to White Sands, New Mexico in his boat. Amos explains that when he managed to escape Set's custody, he summoned his boat to find them. Sadie notices that the boat is parked on top of a sand dune at a precarious angle as if it had been thrown there. When Sadie wakes up from a nap, Carter is putting on a new linen coat from the boat's supply locker. After both Carter and Sadie insist upon going to Las Cruces, Amos orders Sadie aboard the boat, although she's confused as to how he intends to use it since there's no water. Amos animates his coat and has it fly the boat to Las Cruces where he lands the boat on a church rooftop.

When Michel Desjardins attacks, Carter, Sadie and Zia retreat to the boat while Amos holds off the Chief Lector. However, after Zia summons a pillar of fire to hold off Desjardins, he summons Sekhmet to destroy them. Without Amos' coat, Carter is forced to fly the boat himself which proves to be difficult for Carter. Sekhmet chases the boat through the sky, shooting flaming arrows at it. Carter manages to dodge the first one, but it sets the roof of the boat's hut on fire from a proximity detonation. As Carter searches for a place to land, Zia directs him to Magic Salsa, Inc., having thought up a plan. As Zia explains, another arrow blazes by inches from the boat's starboard side. Carter flips the boat upside down just before it detonates, shielding the magicians from the explosion. However, the explosion sets the entire bottom of the boat on fire and Carter manages to aim it for the roof of the warehouse. The boat crashes through the roof and into a pile of dried chili peppers, setting them on fire. Carter, Sadie and Zia manage to escape as the boat and the peppers burn, eventually causing the entire warehouse to implode from the heat.

After Sekhmet is defeated, Carter, Sadie and Zia are left without a ride since the boat has been destroyed. As a result, Carter enchants the linen coat that he took from the boat's supply locker to drive a sixteen-wheeler to Phoenix in the same manner as Amos had enchanted his coat to drive his boat.

Demigods & Magicians

The Staff of Serapis

Brooklyn House is shown to possess a new reed boat with at the very least the same flying abilities as Amos' boat. However, this boat has a sail unlike Amos' which lacked one.


  • When asked what mortals would think if they saw the boat, Amos states that since they are in New Mexico, mortals would simply think that it is another UFO.
  • Despite the usefulness of Amos' Boat, the Kanes apparently do not try to create another reed boat with similar abilities to it until between The Serpent's Shadow and The Staff of Serapis, instead relying on portals and a reed boat pulled by Freak the griffin.
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