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So what if I don't always see the future clearly? It’s these blasted eyes! I'm going to have to have a serious talk with my supplier. The point is, I came as soon as I got the vision of you fighting a demon runner. And as for how I could drive, my foresight might be compromised sometimes, but my regular eye-sight is just fine, thank you very much.

–Ms. Cab to Zane in The Storm Runner.

Antonia Caballero is a Nik'wachinel and neighbor of Zane Obispo and his family. She works as a phone psychic.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Antonia Caballero moved to New Mexico when had a vision of Zane Obispo, the Storm Runner destined to released Ah-Puch from the Beast. When a Demon Runner crashes into the volcano, Ms. Cab and Mr. Ortiz come and check on Zane and tells him to stay away from the volcano.

After Zane kills the demon runner, she takes him back to her house to heal and explain things to him. She says she is a Nik'wachinel, a Mayan seer, and that he is part human. She tells that not matter what he is destined to release the death god and will have his blood drained by him. However she plans to appease him with snake blood and tells him to not leave his house until morning. He says he will do it only if she brings Rosie back. She says that it is close to impossible to get a soul back to life and if she succeeds, Rosie might never be the same. Zane will not take no for an answer so Ms. Cab reluctantly agrees and shows Zane a map of entrances to Xib'alb'a. She goes to find Rosie and Zane goes home.

At the crossroads to Xib'alb'a, a lower demon threw a sack over Ms. Cab's head and she returned in the form of a giant chicken, she and Zane exchanged stories. She found that the underworld has changed since Ixtab took over, she said the goddess had no taste in redecorating. Ixtab actually turned her and all the other seers like this because she didn't want them running around knowing what the gods were up to. Ms. Cab is wary of Brooks, she tries to talk Zane out of going to Xib'alb'a to no success, she tells him to take one of her eyes before he leaves. She is repulsed by the idea of Mr. Ortiz watching her.

During his quest, she informs Zane in his dreams that he must hurry and defeat Ah-Puch and that his mother and Mr. Ortiz are doing fine.

After Zane defeats Ah-Puch, Ms. Cab returns to normal and she and Mr. Ortiz visit the Obispos in their new home in Isla Holbox. She is no longer a protector for Zane and has since dedicated herself to rehabilitating birds since becoming one.

The Fire Keeper

Zane arrives at her house to ask about Ren Santiago, she says the girl went to town to get a few things for her and offers him chocolate that he accepts. She says she had a vision, which the island‘s magic prevents her from having, and has Zane read a note saying saying Ixtab trapped him on Isla Holbox. She then rips open a bird’s chest, releasing a swarm of beetles at Zane. Soon Brooks and Rosie arrive and she snaps out of a supposed trance. Brooks then has Rosie attack her.

The group goes into her kitchen to find her and Ren tied up and free them. She explains how a Mud Person ambushed her and forced her to watch talk shows and the home shopping network to learn to talk. She then has a vision and tells Zane that whichever path he chooses, he will anger the gods and that the Prophecy of Fire is only the beginning.

The Shadow Crosser

While Zane was away, she and Mr. Ortiz eloped and went on a honeymoon.


Ms. Cab is a blind elderly woman who wears dark sunglasses and a cowboy hat to conceal her blindness.


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