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The Prophecy of Fire was only the beginning. But fire spreads. Until it burns everything in its path.

–Antonio reciting a prophecy in The Storm Runner.

Antonio Marcel De la Vega, also known as Santiago, is a tarot-card reader and guitar player. His true identity is the Fire Keeper, the one who watches the Eternal Flame.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

When Zane Obispo arrives at Venice Beach, he heard Santiago playing a guitar and singing about the Prophecy of Fire, how the prophesied days are coming so find the shadows and hide. He told him that freeing Ah-Puch on the solar eclipse was only the beginning, but fire spreads until it burns everything in its path. Before Zane could ask more, Brooks pulled him away saying he should make his own destiny, but not before he heard Santiago sing There are liars in our midst and the storm is a-comin’. Jazz found it interesting that Zane met Santiago, he's supposed to be invisible to the Mortal eye.

The Fire Keeper

Santiago reappeared at the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, which was actually his pet, Chiquita. His real name is Antonio Marcel De la Vega, Zane Obispo guessed that Jazz called him Santiago because the Fire Keeper wouldn't use his real name. He knew that Zane was coming, but he didn't like that he attacked Chiquita with fire. After Zane apologized, Antonio got the idea of a lyric saying that sorry is a cheap word, he forgot he had a pencil but didn't have paper anyway. Antonio said he should've listened to him instead of thinking he had all the answers. He breathed into his palms and purple fire took them to his jam pad, which contained guitars once owned by people including Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix. A tall, skinny dude with long blond hair and many nose piercings came in telling Antonio to come on, he said he'd be there and he left. Antonio explained that the skittish guy was a new drummer for his band. He explains that he keeps the eternal flame within him and the forces of Xib'alb'a are preparing for Wayeb in four months. Zane then believes he is the one deliberately weakening the powers of Sobrenaturals. He laughs at and denies this, saying Hurakan feeds the flames and helps Zane speak to his father. He says that only Hurakan's blood can fuel the flames and Zane remembers that Fuego has some of his father's blood. He urges Zane to destroy his spear and he reluctantly does so. Zane's sacrifice buys the eternal flame a little more time, but not much. He tells a grieving Zane that he changed the future, but cannot tell him how. As thanks he gives Zane the location of the godborns in New Mexico and how to get in and out, along with an image of Hurakan imprisoned.

After Ah-Puch saves Hurakan from his execution, the death god brings the creator god to him to regain his strength.

The Shadow Crosser

He is mentioned by the Red Queen when she delivers his message to Zane.


Antonio Marcel De la Vega has long and dark dreadlocks. His front teeth were twinkling gold that glint in the moonlight. His accent was thick and strange. His eyebrows over his dark eyes looked like they’d been burned off, leaving behind small scars.

While he was at Venice Beach in his Tarot card reading business, he wore silver-rimmed shade sunglasses. When he was revealed to be the Fire Keeper, he wore a plain orange T-shirt with a pair of long shorts and had a half-chewed pencil tucked behind his ear. His left leg was inked with a red tattoo: a winged panther breathing fire from its mouth.


Antonio Marcel De la Vega is laid back but stern. He enjoys playing guitars, including the ones that once belonged to celebrity guitar players.


  • Postcognition: As the Fire Keeper, Antonio can see into the past.
  • Clairvoyance: As the Fire Keeper, Antonio can see anywhere in the world.
  • Precognition: As the Fire Keeper, Antonio can see glimpses of the future.
  • Potentikinesis: As the Fire Keeper, Antonio can control the powers of sobrenaturals, strengthening and weakening them as he sees fit.
  • Destiny Manipulation: As the Fire Keeper, Antonio can control the fates of others.
  • Teleportation: Antonio can teleport himself and others anywhere he wants.


  • Antonio is the Spanish and Italian form of “Antonius”, which is Latin for “Worthy of praise”.
  • Marcel is an Occitan form of the Ancient Roman origin masculine name “Marcellus”, which is Latin for “Belonging to Mars”.
  • De la Vega is a Spanish surname meaning “of the meadow”.
  • Santiago is a Spanish and Portuguese surname meaning “Saint James”.


  • Considering that The Storm Runner was originally going to be a stand-alone novel, it is unknown if Santiago being a pseudonym was truly a retcon or not.
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