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Piper McLean receiving the blessing after being claimed.

Aphrodite's Blessing is usually classified as the claiming of a Greek demigod child of Aphrodite.

The Blessing

On Aphrodite's children, the demigod is enveloped in a thick, red haze, and when it clears, the demigod's hair, face, clothes, etc. becomes perfect. No matter how the demigod tries to mess up his/her appearance, it automatically becomes perfect again. The blessing lasts anywhere from a day to a few weeks. When girls get the blessing, she will go under a pink haze and will then look the way that Aphrodite thinks would be the most glamorous. Her hair and makeup will be automatically done to perfection and her old clothes will be swapped with a new fashionable outfit, shoes, and accessories. Like said above, the blessing can last a day or two but, if she's really lucky (or unlucky in Piper’s case), Aphrodite will keep it going for at least a week. No matter how much they mess up their hair, wash the make-up off or cry, they will remain gorgeous. However, the blessing does allow you to change clothing.

It is unknown how the blessing affects sons of Aphrodite, but it can be assumed they get a new set of clothes and a new hair style like the girls.

It is unknown if the children of Venus at Camp Jupiter go through this, or if she claims them differently.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Aphrodite Piper's mother

Everyone in Camp Half-Blood was gathered around the campfire discussing the quest to save Hera. As soon as Piper decided to join the quest, Aphrodite claimed her and gave her Aphrodite's Blessing. Although Aphrodite claimed her, Piper's reaction wasn't very grateful, and she said," Great, mugged by my own mom", noting to Jason that she "stole" her snowboarding jacket.

Piper's hair turned lush and long, and was braided with gold ribbons down one side so it fell across her shoulder. She wore a beautiful white sleeveless gown that went down to her ankles, with a V-neck so low that it was "totally embarrassing". Her biceps were circled by delicate gold armbands, and a necklace of amber, coral, and gold flowers glittered on her chest. Her make-up was better than she would ever know how to do herself - subtle touches that made her lips cherry red and brought out all the different colors in her eyes, and no matter how hard she tried, the make-up could not be messed up.

Drew told her that the blessing usually lasts from two days to a week. In the middle of Jason, Piper, and Leo quest to save Hera, Aphrodite gave everyone a makeover, including Piper. Aphrodite dressed her in a turquoise dress with black leggings and black boots. She also, thankfully, got her snowboarding jacket back which she said "went surprisingly well with the outfit."

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