Gah, is that where super models go to die?

Piper's reaction to Aphrodite's Cabin when she first saw it

Aphrodite's cabin (#10) is the cabin that houses demigod offspring of Aphrodite.


Aphrodite Cabin inside

The inside of Aphrodite's Cabin in the graphic novel

Aphrodite's cabin has a painted roof, with pillars and a blue-and-white checkerboard deck with steps and gray walls. It is filled with beautiful girls with designer clothing and very good-looking, handsome boys. In The Lost Hero, the cabin is described as a pink 'Barbie house' with a pink door, lace curtains and potted carnations by the window.

The inside of the cabin smells very heavily of perfume. The inner walls of the cabin are pink with white window trim. The curtains and beds are pastel blue and green. The guys have a row of bunks separated by a curtain and their section of the cabin is just as neat and orderly as the girls'. Instead of bunks, the campers have twin beds with pale blue sheets in the graphic novel. Each bed has a blue dresser in between with drawers, a mirror, and makeup. Every camper has a chest with their name painted on it to store their belongings. Their personal bunk spaces are decorated with famous and attractive Hollywood movie stars and singers, and a few have personal photos too. The cabin is always clean except for under the beds, which had chocolate wrappers, love notes, and other things under them.

Cabin Members


Piper McLean, the counselor

Magic Items

Non-Magical Items

  • The Shoes of Shame are non-magical white orthopedic shoes that Drew used to punish those who didn't follow her orders.
  • In The Lost Hero, there is a wall with pictures of hot guys/girls, including a King of Sparta poster (the actor being Tristan McLean). This poster was taken down by Drew Tanaka.
  • A gold painted mango, possibly not kept, was sent "For the Hottest" by Connor and Travis Stoll.
  • Prada clothing and handbags.
  • Drew's makeup compact and hair dryer.
  • A few personal pictures of family/friends.


  • They have magical control over clothes, makeup, and jewelry.
  • Amokinesis: As the children of Aphrodite, they have absolute control over love and desire
  • They have the ability to change their physical features.
  • Charmspeak: Selected children of Aphrodite can influence other with the strength of their voices. The only known demigods with this ability are Piper McLean and Drew Tanaka.
  • They have the ability to speak fluent French, the language of love.
  • They possess high social abilities and awareness.
  • They have the ability to use Permanent Makeup on others, as seen in the Demigod Files
  • They have the ability to curse people so all of their clothes are two sizes too small for them for a period of time. This is seen in the Demigod Files.


The cabin isn't seen in the film version of The Lightning Thief, although a group of Aphrodite girls can be seen waving to Grover Underwood in one of the scenes in the lake.

Aphrodite's Rite of Passage

In The Lost Hero, one camper tells Piper about the rite of passage. For a child of Aphrodite to prove themselves, they must make someone fall in love with them and then break that someone's heart. It is unknown how this got started. At the end of the book, Piper decides to get rid of it after becoming head counselor. Silena Beauregard also broke the rite of passage tradition, when she fell in love with Beckendorf and stayed in love with him.


1st: Zeus Jason Grace | Thalia Grace (Temporarily)
2nd: Hera None: "Hera doesn't run around having affairs with mortals. That is her husband's job."
3rd: Poseidon Percy Jackson | Tyson
4th: Demeter Katie Gardner | Miranda Gardiner | Meg McCaffrey | Billie Ng
5th: Ares Clarisse La Rue | Sherman Yang | Mark | Ellis Wakefield
6th: Athena Annabeth Chase | Malcolm Pace
7th: Apollo Lee Fletcher | Michael Yew | Will Solace | Kayla Knowles | Austin Lake
8th: Artemis The Hunters of Artemis
9th: Hephaestus Charles Beckendorf | Jake Mason | Leo Valdez | Nyssa | Christopher | Harley | Shane
10th: Aphrodite Silena Beauregard | Piper McLean | Drew Tanaka | Lacy | Mitchell | Valentina Diaz
11th: Hermes Luke Castellan | Connor Stoll | Travis Stoll | Chris Rodriguez | Cecil Markowtiz | Alice Miyazawa | Julia Feingold
12th: Dionysus Castor | Pollux
13th: Hades Nico di Angelo
14th: Iris Butch Walker
15th: Hypnos Clovis
16th: Nemesis Damien White
17th: Nike Laurel Victor | Holly Victor
18th: Hebe Paolo Montes
19th: Tyche Chiara Benvenuti
20th: Hecate Lou Ellen

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