Aphrodite's Scarf is a scarf owned by Aphrodite. It is coated with love magic.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

Percy and Annabeth found it at Waterland in a seat while looking for Ares' shield. When Percy took it, Annabeth snatched it away from him, saying, "Oh no no! No love magic for you!" Percy got confused by this and didn't know why Annabeth reacted so quickly. Annabeth held on to the scarf as a remainder of the quest, eventually placing it in the Big House Attic.

Aphrodite, its owner

The Titan's Curse

Percy finds it in the attic of the Big House while looking for the Oracle. Percy was surprised that Annabeth actually kept the scarf. Percy then thinks back to time when they went on the love ride at Waterland. She labelled it, saying that it was found by him and Annabeth, at Waterland, Denver.


The scarf shimmers pink, and it has an indescribable perfume, like rose or mountain laurel.


  • The scarf obviously has magical properties, making Percy and any other person dreamy, sleepy, and wanting to rub it against their cheeks. This scarf has the power to make people fall in love. That's the reason why Annabeth took it away from Percy so quickly, knowing that the scarf could enchant him.
  • In mythology, Aphrodite, instead of a scarf, possesses a girdle that makes everyone who she wants, fall in love with her. This is how she seduced Ares.
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