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Perhaps later, if I don’t have to kill you, I will share my brownie recipe.

–Aphros, in The Mark of Athena.

Aphros is the music and poetry teacher at Camp Fish-Blood, the camp that has trained countless Mer-Heroes. He is one of the brothers of Chiron.


Aphros is the son of the titan Kronos and the Oceanid Philyra, brother of BythosChiron and the Party Ponies as well half-brother to all the Elder Olympian. He has trained many Mer-Heroes, including Triton, Glaucus, Weissmuller, and Bill.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena

Aphros and his comrades rescue Leo, Hazel Levesque, and Frank Zhang from drowning in the ocean after they defeated the Skolopendra. He later interrogates Leo in order to figure out why they were there and decide whether they could trust them. He listens to Leo tell his story about their quest and in the process of listening knits a bonnet. He later agrees to send a group of mer-heroes on a quest to save the creatures trapped by Phorcys, and he gives Leo a basket of delicious brownies and the recipe so they can make it themselves. It is also mentioned that he and his brother do not want to meet Percy because of undersea politics.

The Blood of Olympus

Kymopoleia reveals to Jason and Percy that Hazel had made such an impression on the merpeople and Aphros and Bythos that they have gone to war trying to keep Gaea's allies away from Long Island. However, Kymopoleia states that it remains to be seen whether or not they will survive. Percy remembers the two, commenting that they didn't want to meet him.

Chiron, his half-brother.


Aphros is much kinder than his tough demeanor would indicate. He is a good listener and is able to tell when people are lying. Despite being one of the leaders of Camp Fish-Blood, he tends to teach more domestic talents, such as cooking, sewing, and baking.


Aphros is larger than his brother Bythos, and is a bluish color instead of green. Leo Valdez describes him as having "Arnold-as-Terminator" abs and arms, and a square, brutish head. He has a massive blue-black afro that almost covers his lobster claw horns. He wears a large "Conan-approved" sword strapped to his back, giving him an intimidating look.


  • Leo questions if Aphros was named that because of his massive afro. Aphros however doesn't understand Leo's question.
  • Despite his intimidating appearance, Aphros is referred to as the "home-ec" teacher by Leo.
  • When describing Aphros, Leo makes two references to Arnold Schwarzenegger:
    • One being how Aphros looks like the Terminator from Arnold's first big role in The Terminator, as he has very strong abs and arm muscles.
    • The other being Aphros' "Conan-approved sword," a reference to Arnold's role in Conan the Barbarian.
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