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Apollo's Golden Bow.

The Golden Bow is the bow of Apollo, the Greek god of archery.


Apollo using the Golden Bow to kill Python.

Hephaestus gave it to him when he was a child after Apollo asked for it, needing the bow and arrows to protect his mother, Leto, from Python. After receiving them, Apollo cornered Python in the sacred cave at Delphi. Apollo killed the monster but had to be punished for it, since Python was a child of Gaea. Hence, he was exiled from Olympus for a long time.


The bow can cause health or famine, although its main function is that of a regular bow, but with much greater power. It is described as the opposite of Artemis' Silver Bow; where her bow kills painlessly, like the soft rays of the moon, his tears life away like the harsh rays of the sun. It is equal in power to Artemis' Bow.

  • Health and famine manipulation 
  • Enhanced Power: Apollo's golden bow can shot arrows miles away.
  • Pyrokinesis: it can shoot normal golden arrows but even if you are not Apollo it can still shoot extremely hot arrows, flaming arrows or exploding arrows
  • Vitakinesis: it heals whoever uses it at extremely fast speeds, but if you're not strong enough to use it it will make you explode
  • Teleportation: it can teleport people using energy that glows gold and is almost as bright as Apollo's sun chariot
  • Shapeshifting: it can shapeshift into an ancient Greek mortal looking bow
  • If you are not powerful enough or don't have fire immunity you will burst into a ball of fire trying to use it
  • Apollo can make the bow burn your skin if he sees you using it and does not want you to use it
  • It weaken powers with ice, winter, water, and snow.
  • It enhances powers with fire, lava, the weather, health, famine, vitakinesis, aerokinesis, and prophecy.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Last Olympian

Apollo uses his bow during his battle with Typhon.

The Trials of Apollo

The Tyrant's Tomb

As thanks for helping during the Battle of San Francisco Bay, Apollo is given one of his bows that he gifted Camp Jupiter in the past.

The Tower of Nero

Apollo uses the bow in his last few days as a human.


  • The bow is mentioned to be a longbow in the Tower of Nero preview. 


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