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Ares' Blessing is a magical blessing bestowed by Ares or his Roman form, Mars, upon his demigod children. It looks like red fire around them and makes them temporarily invincible.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Ares, giver of the blessing

The Last Olympian


Clarisse was given the blessing during the Battle of Manhattan, when Silena Beauregard is killed by a Drakon. Clarisse charged at the monster with no armor to protect herself and she was fueled and protected by rage. She slays the drakon, attaches it to the back of her chariot, and charges Kronos' forces alone. As she charges, her body begins to flicker with red fire and nothing the enemy throws at her hits her. Thalia comments that she has never seen the blessing of Ares in person, while Percy comments that "She was as invincible as I was," as he had bathed in the River Styx.

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

Frank states that as soon as fighting in Camp Jupiter broke off, he'd been endlessly hearing the two versions of the war god, Ares and Mars, fighting in his head. Later, when he, Nico di Angelo and Hazel Levesque go to Venice and meet the god of farming Triptolemus, Frank has to fix the god's chariot by filling in a missing snake into one of its wheels. He consults the two versions of the war god in his head and eventually realizes that to save his friends, he has to do something to impress his father. Frank then attracts all the katoblepones in Venice, which could've been a few hundred, and single-handedly fights them, getting the blessing of Mars in the process. For his victory, Frank gets a momentary visit from his father who transforms the last monster into a snake for him.

Frank states that during the fight, he hadn't even noticed the faint red glow around him, that was the Blessing of Mars. Frank had also felt completely natural fighting, not really enjoying it, but feeling completely fluid while shifting from one animal to another. After this fight, Frank was said to be taller and as if he'd grown into his full size, not looking so much as an oversized panda anymore. 

During the fight in the House of Hades, Frank is given Mars' blessing again as he leads an undead Roman legion into battle against Gaea's army. As a result, javelins can't touch him, rocks somehow get deflected and even with an arrow sticking out of his left bicep, Frank has never felt so full of energy. Once the battle is over, the blessing fades, leaving Frank feeling depleted even after ingesting ambrosia to heal his wounds.


Ares only bestows this blessing when his child is in great rage and the heart is full of craving for war. Mars, Ares's Roman counterpart, also grants this blessing, although it seems the Roman version is leaned more toward tactics and leadership than sole battle skills. It also appears to have had a permanent physical effect on Frank Zhang, making him taller and more muscular.


Frank, who was given this blessing by Mars.

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