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Just tell the truth, Aru. If you do, all you have to do is pay us ten dollars each and we won't post the video of you getting caught in your own stupid lie.

–Aru Shah and the End of Time

Arielle Reddy is a classmate of Aru Shah.

Pandava Quintet

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Arielle Reddy arrives at the museum to meet Aru with Burton Prater and Poppy Lopez. They discovered that Aru has lied to them about rescuing an elephant from India. Aru takes them to the cursed Diya of Bharata - an item she had been truthful about - to prove her innocence. Arielle thought she lived in a condo downtown, not a museum. Aru denied living here, she tells Arielle that people in England always were pajamas in the daytime. While going through the Hall of the Gods, Arielle pointed at the full-bodied curves of the goddesses and rolled her eyes. She thought the Mahabharata war between the five Pandavas and their one hundred cousins was impossible. She dares her to light the diya despite knowing that it may cause the end of the world. Arielle then decides if she tells the truth and gives them each ten dollars, Burton won't post the video he's recording.

After Aru lights the diya, Arielle Reddy is frozen in time while Aru and and her spiritual sister, Mini attempt to defeat the Sleeper. When she was no longer frozen, Arielle, along with Poppy and Burton, attempt to show Burton's video to the whole school, Arielle tells Aru to get help. But while Burton was taping, Aru said things they had lied about into the camera that she learned about from a pen given by Chitrigupta. She learns that Burton once gave her a cookie from the ground with his boogers on it, Arielle almost threw up when she heard this. The pen also reveals that the day before, Arielle wore her mom's first engagement ring and lost it at recess, she told her mom that she saw the housekeeper holding it, this caused Arielle to turn red. Afterwards, they gave up trying to get $10 each and leave Aru alone.

When winter vacation arrived, Arielle Reddy was going to Maldives, her family's got a timeshare on a private island. Aru lied to her saying she had to nowhere to go for Christmas.


Arielle Reddy is described as the prettiest girl in their class, with dark brown skin and shiny black hair.


  • Arielle's last name, Reddy, is the name of a caste that originated in southern India.
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