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Arnaeus (aslo known as Iros) was an old beggar who ran messages for the suitors in exchange for scraps of food. When Odysseus came home, disguised as a beggar, Iros thought the former was moving in on his territory. The two had an altercation where Odysseus crushed Iros' jaw and tossed him into the pigsty.


Iros was a beggar in Ithaca who saw Odysseus (disguised as a beggar) encroaching on his territory so he became aggressive and began to insult him. They went back and forth threatening each other until Antinous, the king, noticed the confrontation and exclaimed that watching the two beggars square off would be entertaining. Antinous said that the winner of the fight would be given food and would be permitted to dine with the suitors. The rest of the suitors crowded around the two beggars and they prepared to fight.

Odysseus removed his rags and tied them around his waist, revealing a surprisingly muscular body because Athena was standing close by making him appear bigger and stronger than he was. When Iros saw this he was intimidated but the suitors pushed him towards Odysseus. Odysseus entertained the idea of killing Irus but then decided he should just knock him out so the suitors would not suspect anything. Iros aimed a punch at Odysseus but before he could do anything, Odysseus hit him below the ear, crushing his jawbone. Iros crumpled and Odysseus dragged him outside the hall, leaned him up against the courtyard wall and told him to sit there and scare off the pigs and dogs. He also threatened that if Iros did not stop pushing around the other beggars, things would get worse.[1] Iros's appearance within the epic develops the homericthemes of punishing the inhospitable and appearances versus reality.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus

Jason Grace, disguised as Iros, goes to Ithaca with Piper McLean and Annabeth Chase, where they meet hundreds of ghouls, the suitors of Penelope.

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