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Artemis, goddess of the Hunt.

Again it struck me how much stronger she looked now that she'd stopped aging. You could almost see a silvery glow around her - the blessing of Artemis.

Percy Jackson describing Thalia Grace after she received Artemis' blessing, in The Last Olympian

Artemis' Blessing is a blessing granted to a maiden by the goddess Artemis. The blessing of Artemis can only be bestowed if the maiden devotes her life to being a Hunter of Artemis and to never fall in romantic love with anyone.


This blessing gives them eternal youth and agelessness, meaning that they will never age and will live forever, unless they break their oath or get killed in battle. However, if they break their vows to be maidens they will continue to age and will sometimes be punished harshly by Artemis for doing so. The blessing creates a silver aura around them, as if they were "bathed in the moon's rays". Artemis' blessing gives the Hunters advanced senses, more animal than human, as well as natural instincts for the hunt. It also gives them enhanced strength, speed, agility, and marksmanship with a bow. Evidence to the blessing's power can be shown in the fact that the Hunters had won Capture the Flag fifty-six times in a row against the well-experienced Greek demigods. They get the blessing right after they take their oath to Artemis and join the hunt. After they say the oath, the new Hunter will become officially off-limits to flirty gods, unless they have a death wish, they won’t bother the Hunters (much)

Thalia Grace, a Hunter who received Artemis' Blessing

Only the female gender is eligible to join the hunt. They can be demigods, mortals, or nymphs. Artemis doesn't really care who she takes in, as she is the guardian of all maidens. However, any being wishing to become a Hunter must say a pledge to the goddess:

"I, [your name], pledge myself to the goddess Artemis. I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the hunt."

After this, Artemis will decide if she approves it or not. The new Hunter will be given immortality if she said "yes", and will join Artemis in the hunt.

Notable Recipients of Artemis' Blessing

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