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I saw roofs made entirely of silver ingots, hammered bronze doors big enough to fly a B-1 bomber through, sturdy stone towers that pierced the clouds. Streets were paved gold. Each garden was as vast as Boston Harbor. And circling the edge of the city were white ramparts that made the Great Wall of China look like a baby fence.

–-Magnus Chase describing Asgard

Asgard is one of the Nine Worlds, more specifically the one inhabited by the Aesir tribe of Norse gods. Asgard is ruled over by Odin and his wife, Frigg. Hotel Valhalla also resides in Asgard. Due to this, Odin's army cannot be killed.


The original Asgard is said to have been filled with houses of different gods near the area that this god/goddess is connected to. For instance, the hall of Thor is at the highest and windiest top of Asgard. The gods and goddesses reside in palaces made of silver, gold and other precious metals. The roofs are made of silver ingots, and the palaces have bronze doors and tall stone towers. The streets are paved entirely gold. Each garden is "as vast as Boston Harbor." The edge of the city has white ramparts. In one window, rich drapes hung in tatters. Along the streets, fire braziers stood empty and cold. The statues in one garden were completely overgrown with thorn bushes. The streets were deserted. No fires burned in any of the windows.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Gunilla takes Magnus Chase up to a balcony on the roof of Hotel Valhalla and shows him the view of Asgard. She explains that the only ones allowed inside the city are those who have the express permission of Odin. She tells Magnus to take a closer look at the city and he notices that the whole city seems deserted, to which Gunilla states that in the 500 years she has been in Asgard she has never seen the gods this inactive.

The Hammer of Thor

When Magnus, Samirah al-Abbas, Alex Fierro, Blitzen and Hearthstone are being chased by Tiny and his group of giants through Jotunheim, the goddess Sif creates a portal inside a rowan tree and summons all five of them to her and Thor's palace, Bilskirnir, in Asgard.

The Ship of the Dead

Magnus is in Valhalla just before the crew of the Big Banana sets out to stop Naglfar and after they return successful.

9 from the Nine Worlds

Just Another Decapitated Head

Asgard, namely Hotel Valhalla, is where Odin decides to choose a new Captain of the Valkyries.


Asgard is described in The Sword of Summer as city of palaces, each as big and impressive as Hotel Valhalla. There are roofs made entirely of silver ingots, hammered-bronze doors "big enough to fly a B-1 bomber through", sturdy stone towers that pierce the clouds, streets paved in gold, and with each garden being "as vast as Boston Harbor." And circling the edge of the city are white ramparts that "made the Great Wall of China look like a baby fence." Asgard’s widest avenue runs through a gateway in the walls, beyond which, "the ground dissolves into multicoloured light" – a roadway of prismatic fire, the Bifrost rainbow bridge (leading from Asgard to Midgard). According to Magnus, the bridge is terrifying, with it "being a rainbow in the way a nuclear explosion is a mushroom."

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