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The Asuras ("AH-soo-rahs") are a race of semidivine beings that can be good or bad at times.


The Asuras are most popularly known from the story about the churning of the ocean. Once upon a time the gods were not immortal, but were cursed by Sage Durvasa for their egoistic nature. In order to attain the drink of immortality (amrita) and evade the curse, they had to churn the Ocean of Milk. But they needed help. So, the asuras were promised a cut of the immortality for their help.[1] But the gods, obviously, did not want to share. Lord Vishnu, The Protector, transformed into Mohini, an enchantress. Once the Asuras and Devas (divine ones/gods) had churned the ocean, Mohini sneakily distracted the Asuras for a while so that the Devas could consume the amrita. As one can imagine, the asuras were not happy after knowing that they were tricked,[2] and some of them have been waging war ever since.

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Notable Asuras


Pure Asura



  • Their Greek counterparts may be the Titans.
  • Their Norse counterparts may be the Jotunn.


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