The place was a workshop for brainiac kids.

Percy Jackson, in The Battle of the Labyrinth.

Athena's cabin (#6) is the cabin that houses Athena's demigod children at Camp Half-Blood. All members are "brain children" (meaning that they are born from the thoughts of the goddess), which makes them the only demigods to be claimed at birth.


The Athena Cabin is a gray building with an owl carved over the doorway and plain white curtains. In the graphic novel, Athena's cabin looks like a temple with columns, a red roof, and an owl carving on the door.

The interior has a workshop and a library, with bunk beds pushed up against the wall, designed "as if sleeping didn't matter very much". The library is filled with thousands of books and old scrolls, as well as tables and chairs for demigods to study and read. The workshop is crammed with work benches and more tables, and the cupboards are filled with materials to build things. There are also several 3-D models of buildings, blueprints, old war maps, and armors. It was later said in The Lost Hero that the cabin was also filled with SMART boards and other things typically found in classrooms.

On the side of the Athena cabin is the armory. It looks like a big metal gardening shed.

Known occupants

Magic Items


  • Athena

    Athena, their mother and patron.

    Genius Intellect: They possess high intelligence and wisdom, especially regarding war strategy.
  • Crafts: Many of them have instinctive skills in architecture, forging and weaving.
  • Audiokinesis: They never forget what they heard and can be very manipulative.
  • Telumkinesis (limited): They adapt to using various types of weapons quicker than normal and develop great control over them.
  • Enhanced Physical Prowess: They all have enhanced strength, swiftness and durability.


  • Most demigod children of Athena have blonde hair and grey eyes.


1st: Zeus Jason Grace | Thalia Grace (Temporarily)
2nd: Hera None: "Hera doesn't run around having affairs with mortals. That is her husband's job."
3rd: Poseidon Percy Jackson | Tyson
4th: Demeter Katie Gardner | Miranda Gardiner | Meg McCaffrey | Billie Ng
5th: Ares Clarisse La Rue | Sherman Yang | Mark | Ellis Wakefield
6th: Athena Annabeth Chase | Malcolm Pace
7th: Apollo Lee Fletcher | Michael Yew | Will Solace | Kayla Knowles | Austin Lake
8th: Artemis The Hunters of Artemis
9th: Hephaestus Charles Beckendorf | Jake Mason | Leo Valdez | Nyssa | Christopher | Harley | Shane
10th: Aphrodite Silena Beauregard | Piper McLean | Drew Tanaka | Lacy | Mitchell | Valentina Diaz
11th: Hermes Luke Castellan | Connor Stoll | Travis Stoll | Chris Rodriguez | Cecil Markowtiz | Alice Miyazawa | Julia Feingold
12th: Dionysus Castor | Pollux
13th: Hades Nico di Angelo
14th: Iris Butch Walker
15th: Hypnos Clovis
16th: Nemesis Damien White
17th: Nike Laurel Victor | Holly Victor
18th: Hebe Paolo Montes
19th: Tyche Chiara Benvenuti
20th: Hecate Lou Ellen

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