Aubrey Chase is the daughter of Randolph Chase and Caroline Chase, the niece of Frederick and Natalie Chase, and the cousin of Bobby, Matthew , Annabeth, and Magnus Chase, and the younger sister is Emma Chase.


One day, Aubrey went out in her family's yacht. Suddenly a storm came out of nowhere and the waters became choppy, her father tried to reassure her that everything was under control. She, along with her mother and sister, died at sea soon after that.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Her father mentioned her along with her mother and sister when telling Magnus about a failed attempt to find Sumarbrander. Her stilhouse along with her mother and sister are seen in Loki's palm as the main reason her father is working for the trickster.

The Hammer of Thor

When Magnus dies in battle training, he sees a vision of how her father lost his family.

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