Apollo, the god of music

Audiokinesis is the ability to control the sound waves and music. It's thought that gods, and their children who have the naturally ability to learn very fast could have a lower level of audiokinesis, like children of HermesAthena, Apollo, and Aphrodite.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Hephaestus said that Zeus' domain also includes the air waves, as he was able to detect his pirate radio in The Lost Hero.

The Blood of Olympus

Will Solace can make a sharp ultrasonic whistle-like sound that can temporarily stun his opponents, making them clutch their ears in confusion. Apollo is determined to master the newly invented 'Valdezinator'.


  • Musical Aptitude: the ability to master any musical instrument perfectly.
  • Musical Invention: the ability to invent new musical instruments.
  • Magical Persuasion: the ability to persuade someone else to do or get whatever they want using music.
  • Couplets Curse: the ability to curse others to only speak in rhyming couplets.
  • Sound Waves: the ability to manipulate sound and sound waves. 
  • Sharp Whistle Sound: the rare ability to make a very sharp whistle-like sound that can stun peoples and making them to clutch their ears in confusion.

Known Users

Hecate (through magic)

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