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An augur is an individual charged with observing and interpreting omens in order to provide guidance for future events.


In Ancient Rome, the augur was a priest who interpreted the will of the gods by studying the flights of birds, one of their forms of divination, so they are most likely the Oracle of Delphi's counterpart.

Octavian, an augur.

In The Son of Neptune, Octavian performs haruspication, not augury, which is divination through examining entrails of sacrificed animals performed by a haruspex. Octavian performs this through reading the entrails of stuffed animals instead of real ones.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

They are mentioned when Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano states that after she interrogates Percy Jackson, they must consult them to decide what to do with him.

The House of Hades

When Reyna, the only praetor present with the legion, leaves to enter the Mediterranean Sea, Octavian becomes leader of the legion due to being the augur and orders the legion to lay siege on Camp Half-Blood.

The Blood of Olympus

During the legion’s attack on Camp Half-Blood, Octavian claims he has been using his foresight to see the outcome of the attack and to be speaking with Apollo. However due to the Civil War he is unable to do both. His time as augur comes to an end when he inadvertently uses himself as a projectile to take out Gaea, Jason Grace, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez.

The Trials of Apollo

The Tyrant's Tomb

The position of augur has not been filled in the seven months following the end of the civil war, and has been effectively filled by Ella and Tyson's information on the Sibylline Books. It is implied that prior to his death, the new Pontifex Maximus, Jason Grace, led the more religious responsibilities of the augur, such as officiating funerals.

Known Auguries


  • At the glossary in The Son of Neptune, it is said that the word augury means "A sign of something coming, an omen; the practice of divining the future".
  • The omens seen in the auguries is the Roman form of prophecies.
  • They are the Roman equivalent to Greek oracles.
  • They appear to give campers their tattoos by saying their name, divine parent or ancestor, and years of service to the legion.
  • The augur is the de facto secondary leader of the Twelfth Legion. When both praetors are gone, the augur is in charge of the legion.