Festus, an automaton

Automatons are like robots but are more highly developed than ordinary machines. They have intricate circuitry in them which makes them hard to fix. Most are made out of Celestial Bronze with some exceptions. Charles Beckendorf described them as being dangerous if not fixed or activated the proper way. Most of the automatons found in Manhattan were created by Daedalus and were used as defense mechanisms. When asked why the automatons in New York were there, Annabeth Chase replied that they could be used to attack or defend Olympus depending on the activation sequence a.k.a Daedalus Twenty-Three. Some are made by Hephaestus, god of the forges, such as a defective Talos automaton from the Junkyard of the Gods.

William H. Seward statue

An automaton statue of William H. Seward


  • They are able to withstand normal attacks.
  • They are able to deflect arrows.
  • They have massive strength and endurance.
  • They possess built-in maneuvers, activated by voice command.
  • Some can transform into other forms (as when Festus folded down into a suitcase).
  • Some automatons possess limited sentience, and perhaps even free will. 

Known/Notable Automatons

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