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Aventura Rios is a student at Culeco Academy of the Arts.

Sal & Gabi series

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

When Gladis Machado is shown to be scared of Sal Vidon, she tells him to ignore her. When Sal goes to detention in the library she waves at him.

The following day she cosplays as a Latina version of Karin from Mortal Combat and agrees to give Gabi Real her notes, however they will be slightly coded to annoy her. She later helps Sal copy and code her notes for Gabi.

On Saturday she goes to the hospital with her sewing machine to help with the costume for Sal and Gabi‘s Everyman play. When Yasmany Robles comes to the cafeteria for breakfast, she is surprised to see him there.

When Sal and GabI perform there Everyman play for Mrs. Waked’s class she is given extra credit for designing the death costume. She thanks Sal in a series in indecipherable texts.


Aventura has a brown complexion and a thin build that “could scare a Cuban mother”.


She finds those who are superstitious to be somewhat crazy.


  • According to Gabi Real, she has handwriting “like the San Francisco Earthquake”.
  • Aventura is a cosplayer, often cosplaying at school.
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