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Babi is the Egyptian god of Baboons and is thought to be the first born son of the god Osiris.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

Babi hosts Sadie's grandfather and hunts her, Emma, and Liz with Nekhbet. He is scared back into the Duat when Bes puts on his 'ugly outfit'. He also appears as Sadie and Carter are about to board their boat in the Duat. He is later seen at the throne room of the gods while Sadie and Carter are being thanked by Horus for bringing back the (very senile) sun god Ra.

The Serpent's Shadow

Babi is present when Carter summons the gods to war, howling and pounding his chest after landing on the Great Pyramid. He is seen pummeling one image of Apophis. It is unknown what happened to Babi but it is assumed he was recalled to the Duat when Apophis was execrated.


Babi represents the darkest side of primates. He is quite violent and destructive.

After he departed Mr. Faust's body, Babi is later seen holding a rugby ball. Sadie comments that hosting Mr. Faust must have instilled in him a liking for the game.


Babi looks similar to Khufu, but several times larger and extremely ferocious, and having silver fur. When he possesses Sadie's grandfather, Mr. Faust, Babi is seen wearing the tattered remains of a red sweater with Mr. Faust's glasses on his forehead. According to Carter, in his true form Babi is a giant gray baboon with fiery red eyes, fangs as long as scimitars, and arms as thick as tree trunks. In ancient times, he was shown standing by a lake of fire because of his fiery personality.


  • He has the immense strength to smash almost anything.
  • He can summon blood red baboons to his side.
  • His fur is very durable, able to deflect bullets shot from a police officer.
  • He is known to devour the souls weighed against Ma'at similar to how Ammit the Devourer does.


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