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Khufu, a baboon

Baboons were sacred animals in Ancient Egypt. Some magicians, like Amos Kane, may keep baboons in their Nomes. Egyptians came to honor baboons when they saw that at sunrise they would stretch and make noise, which they interpreted as singing and dancing to honor the sun.


Baboons have an efficient language in which " Agh!" can be an extended sentence, "Agh, agh!" can be a story, and "Agh, agh, agh!" can be an entire lecture. All gods and some magicians can understand and speak this language. Baboons are under the protection of Thoth, although some may follow Babi. The "Thoth baboons" are civil and helpful companions, but the "Babi baboons" are wild and aggressive. All baboons, however, wear basketball jerseys and play basketball. Baboons also have their own branch of Magic, probably given by Thoth; they can travel great distances and can heal others with their cooking.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

When Sadie Kane, Carter Kane, and Bast went to Memphis, they found Khufu and several other baboons playing basketball.

Named Baboons

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