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Bae Jang was a human cadet in the Space Forces who died saving Kim Min and Byung-Ho from mercenaries. After death he became a ghost and allowed Min to impersonate him to find the true meaning behind his death.


Bae Jang came from a large and wealthy family from the Clover System.

He eventually joined the Space Forces when he was of age to and was stationed on the Pale Lightning, where he befriended Haneul and Sujin.

Thousand Worlds series

Dragon Pearl

Bae Jang boarded the Red Azalea after the Pale Lightning responded to a distress call. He was shot by a mercenary and died.

Half an hour later his ghost spoke with Min, saying he has no regrets dying to save her but rather that his training was cut short. Min tells him she is a fox spirit and he agrees to let her take his place if she can find out more about the mercenaries that killed him. She agrees and he has her swear on her ancestor’s bones, a serious oath. He vanishes when the medic arrives.

He later comes to Min and asks her about finding out who killed him. She says she has had no luck and he says to check the cadet handbook. He later comes to Min as she is looking through his trunk, he looks sadly at his belongings. When Captain Hwan comes to Min, he tells her to stay at ease and calm.

After Min played budak with Sujin and Haneul, he appears to her and scolds her for focusing more on the deserters rather than himself. She apologizes and he vanishes.

After breakfast the next day, Min informs him that none of the pirates survived. He is disheartened to hear this and vanishes.

After the seventeen-hour battle with mercenaries, he goes with Min to a brig to listen in on the interrogation of the captured mercenaries. They learn that the mercenaries were hired by a councilor from the Jeweled Worlds. Later in the barracks he agrees to help Min escape when they dock at Adoline Soire to find more answers about his death.

As Min frees the mercenaries he keeps watch and joins then when they go to the Ghost Sector. They arrive, but the Pale Lightning beat them there and knocks out the ship’s power with an electromagnetic pulse. He helps Min see through the dark hallways. When Haneul and Sujin board, Captain Hwan threatens to execute them for treason unless they surrender. He screams “NO” loud enough to be heard. After Min and the Mercenaries surrender, he vanishes.

On the Fourth Colony, he tells Haneul and Sujin that he gave his permission to Min to impersonate him and find his killer. He then tells off Hwan for sending him to his death. When the four living are using the dragon pearl to put the ghosts of the Fourth Colony to rest, he has Min and his friends promise him a military funeral since he died in combat, they agree and he departs for the afterlife.

His final request is granted by Lieutenant Commander Ju-Eun.


Bae Jang was a teenage boy who wore a Space Forces cadet uniform. In death his hair grew out.


Bae Jang is a kind, helpful and courageous person. As he bravely died in the line of duty and offered to have Min take his place.

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