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The Battle of the Waystation is a battle following Apollo, Leo and Meg's successful infiltration of Commodus's palace and subsequent recovery of the Throne of Memory, Festus, the release of several prisoners and saving Lityerses, Peaches and an elephant, Livia combined with a successful escape thanks the assistance of the Hunters of Artemis, Commodus advanced his plans for an attack on the Waystation.

Lityerses told everyone that the Gryphons that Apollo and Calypso had rescued the day before had tracking devices so Commodus would now know where the Waystation was located. Thanks to this, Apollo, Emmie, Josephine, Leo, Calypso, The Hunters and their new "friends" were able to make preparations for what was to be an imminent attack. Lityerses informed everyone that there would most likely be a few dozen mortal mercenaries, about the same number of demigods who were part of the imperial household, a few hundred Cynocephali and other assorted monsters as well as the regular hordes of Blemmyae.

Lester, who fought in the battle.


For most of the battle, Apollo and Meg were not present as they had gone to the Oracle of Trophonius. When Meg and Apollo finally did get back inside the city limits (along with three karpoi including Peaches) Apollo saw smoke at the aproximate location of the Waystation. Apollo left Meg in the car and asked the karpoi to guard Meg. Apollo only about a block away that Apollo saw the first signs of destruction which were burning and disabled bulldozers, cars as well as rubble and a pile of monster dust who most likely had been the victim of one of Leo's land mines.

When Apollo did arrive he knocked out a demigod member of the imperial household. He saw Jamie on top of a fountain that was in the middle of the roundabout hitting Cyclopes with some bronze weapon sending out electricity with each strike. Also outside Hunter Kowalski was shooting down Cynocephali and Blemmyae and Sssssarah was resting against a mailbox apparently having eaten a Germanus (barbarian bodyguard) whole. Apollo also saw that on top of the Waystation roof was one of Festus' wings.

Inside Apollo found piles of monster dust, bricks, burning furniture, a Centaur hanging upside down in a net trap, a wounded hunter being tended to by another hunter, a dead demigod (whose side he had been on, Apollo did not know). In the library Apollo found the body of Heloise the Gryphon. Around Heloise was another large pile on monster dust beside weapons and armor. As Apollo made his way along he found the severed head of Festus in Josephine's workshop. Apollo saw more destroyed furniture and kitchen appliances

Finally Apollo arrived at what was a standoff in the dining room. On one side of a table was Josephine with her machine gun, Calypso in a fighting stance, Lityerses with a sword and Thalia Grace with her bow drawn. On the other side of the table was Commodus and two Germanus bodyguards, one had Emmie by the throat with a crossbow pressed against her while the other had Leo pinned similarly. Commodus informed everyone that most of his forces had merely gotten lost but would be back. Josephine informed him that aside from the ones who had already been slain by the Waystation's defenders half of the monsters fell down a laundry shoot thus perishing while the others wound up in the furnace room dying from the heat. Josephine went on to inform him that his mercenaries were at the Indiana Convention Center.

Undaunted by this information Commodus made the offer that he would take the Throne of Memory, kill Lester (Apollo) and Georgina and raze the building in exchange everyone else could go free. Apollo countered with Commodus would release the hostages, leave empty-handed and never return. Apollo told his allies to avert their eyes and told Commodus it was his last chance to leave of his own accord. Commodus mocked Apollo pointing out he was damp and smelled of bat feces. Apollo however saw fear in Commodus' eyes. As Apollo was trying to save his friends and allies, he was able to draw briefly on his godly powers filling the room with radiance becoming pure light blinding Commodus and his guards and taking the last of Apollo's strength. Now blinded, Commodus picked up the nearest thing he could get his hands on which happened to be one of his guards. Commodus threw the guard who hit the opposite wall and turned to powder. Commodus charged at Thalia who fired her bow missing Commodus because he was to fast but killing the other guard. Commodus however fell over a chair. Lityerses then taunted Commodus who blindly tried to fight Lityerses who through voice baited the emperor positioned himself in front of a giant window. Commodus charged, Lityerses moved out of the way, and while the emperor might have been able to stop at the last second, Calypso summoned a small gust of wind sending him out of the window. When the defenders gathered outside they did not however see the emperor and neither apparently did Jamie and Hunter who were outside did not see him.

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