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In the graphic novel adaptation

A Bau is an evil spirit. For example, The Seven Arrows of Sekhmet are powerful plague spirits born from the goddess Sekhmet.[1]

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

Sadie Kane finds the first part of the Book of Ra in the Brooklyn Museum. The book activates every reservoir of magic in the museum. The Seven Arrows of Sekhmet, also in the museum, are accidentally summoned when Walt Stone opens windows with magical hieroglyphs. One of them enters Walt's body. The others start attacking the guests of a wedding in another part of the museum.

Jaz manages to cure Walt, but it costs her quite a bit of energy. Freak eats one of the bau, apparently destroying it. Jaz, who follows the Path of Sekhmet, decides to tap into the goddess' power and banish the remaining bau back to the Duat. Despite being tired, Jaz casts the spell.

Apophis then possesses one of the bau. He slows down time and warns Carter Kane to stop his quest. Otherwise, Apophis threatens that Zia Rashid will die at "The Place of Red Sands" where she is entombed. Carter summons the Eye of Horus. The bau is scared away and time resumes its normal course.

Meanwhile, Jaz creates a vortex as part of her spell. It pulls the six remaining bau inside and banishes them to the Duat. Thus, the people the bau infected are cured. However, Jaz, who is extremely tired, falls into a coma.



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