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Bes' Limo is a black Mercedes limousine used by the dwarf god Bes as a form of transportation.


The limo appears to be a regular vehicle, albeit one that is incredibly dirty inside with old fast food junk and dirty socks in the back. However, It is capable of traveling through portals and driving through the parts of the Duat, suggesting a possibly magical nature. In addition, Bes was able to summon it by yelling "BOO!" when he first met Sadie Kane. Hanging on the sun visor is an ID card stating that "your driver is BES" like a taxi.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

After rescuing Sadie Kane, Emma and Liz from Babi and Nekhbet, Bes drives them into the middle of a bridge and uses his "BOO!" to banish the two gods. Upon collecting Carter and dropping off Sadie's friends, Bes drives them through a portal to the Eighteenth Nome in Russia.

While Carter and Sadie go to collect the second part of the Book of Ra, Bes remains behind out of fear of Vladimir Menshikov. Following the tjesu heru's attack, Set helps Sadie carry Carter to the limo where, in exchange for the return of his ren, Set reveals the location of the second part of the Book of Ra, much to Bes' dismay as it means that they will have to use the Alexandria portal. Bes drives for Egyptian Bridge, chased by Menshikov's men who manage to pop one of the tires before Bes can enter the portal. The limo flips over and skids on its, roof, but it makes it through the portal.

Due to the Alexandria portal being located in the old city, the limo emerges thirty feet underwater. Bes is able to pull Carter and Sadie to safety along with a few of their belongings, but they are both left unconscious for several hours and the limo is left abandoned where it had landed in the Mediterranean.

The Serpent's Shadow

Much to the Kanes' joy, Bes arrives to rescue them in the Land of Demons driving a new limo, albeit one as dirty as the old one. While the army of old gods hold off the army of demons, Bes drives Carter, Sadie and Zia Rashid to the banks of the River of Night where they are picked up by Ra's Sun Boat. The limo is last seen abandoned on the shores of the Land of Demons.

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